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We're Not Together You Know? - PiperRoX
http://www.djdownload.com/mp3-detail/PiperRoX/Were+Not+Together+You+Know/PiperRoX+Recordings/420458 Another tune i created. Tell me what you think : ) Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Electro house produceed in fruity loops
Song: Bowcatting By piperox Samples Available Here: http://25941auduip5uz7d3md9px1ouk.hop.clickbank.net/ Available on beatsdigital or junodiwnload
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Girl on Girl- PiperRoX
http://www.djdownload.com/mp3-detail/PiperRoX/Girl+On+Girl/PiperRoX+Recordings/405806 Track i made in fl studio 8. I used plugins vanguard/ nexus etx... Comment if you like it. keep quiet if you don't lol...
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Sample of fruity loops project
sample of my up and coming fruity loops project. deep/soulful electro vibe
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PiperRoX - Hou5e Mu5ic
Available here: http://www.djdownload.com/mp3-detail/PiperRoX/Hou5e+Mu5ic/PiperRoX+Recordings/463063 Funky House track produced by PiperRoX in fl studio 8. I had to record the vid with a programme like camstudio because windows movie maker screws up my video's audio. So does youtube. If there are any fluctuations in sound, youtube are to blame lol Thanx for listening. All comments are welcome
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Stalking Alexis - PiperRoX
Available on mosdownload and djdownload: http://www.djdownload.com/mp3-detail/PiperRoX/Stalking+Alexis/PiperRoX+Recordings/411502 funky/electro house track, created by female artist PiperRoX. enjoy
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PiperRoX - Stop Motion
http://www.djdownload.com/mp3-detail/PiperRoX/Stop+Motion/PiperRoX+Recordings/495658 my first attempt at making minimal house music, and i came up with this! Made in flstudio Available soon on mosdownload, and djdownload.com Comments would be appreciated enjoy
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Listen - PiperRoX
Hey! This is a track i made in fl studio 8. It was inspired after listening to some of deadmau5's tracks. i was curious to know how he created that plucking sound. this was the best i came up with so far lol. tell me if you like the song : )
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Good Vibes By PiperRoX
Song created in fruity loops. Beautiful clubb tune. What do you think of it?
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My first attempt at producing a drum and bass track
A rollercaoster of a track Produced in fruity loops 7. Tell me what you think? Thank you
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PiperRoX - Rogue Writer
Available: http://www.djdownload.com/mp3-detail/PiperRoX/Rogue+Writer/PiperRoX+Recordings/413367 Electro house track produced by PiperRoX
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PiperRoX - Party Exclusive
Available here: http://www.djdownload.com/mp3-detail/PiperRoX/Party+Exclusive/PiperRoX+Recordings/420457
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PiperRoX - Some Kind of Rain
Progressive House track which was inspired after listening to some other inspirational artists. namely Deadmau5. This track was produced in flstudio by artist PiperRoX!!! Comments and questions are welcomed ps:It souunds better in HD. For some reason messes up sound quality when it's not in HD
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Electro house made in fl studio with absynth
Samples Available Here: http://25941auduip5uz7d3md9px1ouk.hop.clickbank.net/ Track produced using plugins: absynth and minimonsta in fl studio. Tell me what you think
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PiperRoX - Rekonnected
A song I made back when I was a novice to music production. So the arrangement sucks, but I recently found the fl studio file, cleaned the mix up a lot (it was muddy as hell) and mastered it (I'm not a mastering expert)
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PiperRoX - A Walk with God
Samples Available Here: http://25941auduip5uz7d3md9px1ouk.hop.clickbank.net/ Progressive house track i recently made, whilst under the influence of a Cough*herb*Cough lol. Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as i have enjoyed making it. Youtube often fucks up my audio, so excuse the blanketed sound. It sounds nice and clear out of a youtube setting. :D
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Re: Listen - PiperRoX (Vocals)
I know i'm responding to my own track but it's the same track with vocals on it.
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PiperRoX - Displaced
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PiperRoX - By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them
Hope this audio doesn't get distorted, as soundcloud did. A song a made a while ago in fl studio.
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Dirty Electro House Produced using Fruity loops
The title says it all. Thanks for any responses.
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Electro Tune accompanied with tecktonik dancing
This video was created by the youtube user ahmetichka.
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The electro jean. Fruity loops creation
another song i made in fl studio.
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PiperRoX - Crystal Therapy
Downtempo song i created in fl studio. tell me what you think. Youtube may fuck up the quality; it likes to do that to my vids for some reason.
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