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Me TRYING to be Anna McNulty! | Life Of A Unicorn
Should I try to be sofie dossi 😂😂😂
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Me TRYING to be Sofie Dossi | Life Of A Unicorn
Who should I try to be next?
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Vlog #1 With My Cousin! | Life Of A Unicorn
Thanks for watching guys! Snapchat: lollipop12309 Instagram: sophi3_Idraw Musical.ly: lollipop_lover173 WHERES MY UNIFOCATIONS AT???? (Unicorn+Notifications) Comment "unicornpower" if you read this!!
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Unicorn Collection | Shoutouts | Life Of A Unicorn
Yay! So..I don't know if I have more but all I remember is that I have a unicorn squishy, thought I didn't want to include it in the video. I also had a unicorn shirt but it's probably in the laundry. Snapchat: lollipop12309 Instagram: sophi3_Idraw Musical.ly: lollipop_lover173 Thanks for watching! Comment "unicorn" in the section below if you read this!
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Squishy Collection | More Shoutouts! | Life Of A Unicorn
AWESOME VIDEO!!!!!!!!! I love squishies sooo much! It was super duper fun during this video!!!!!!! BAIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Snapchat: lollipop12309 Musical.ly: lollipop_lover173 Instagram: sophi3_Idraw Yay!! Comment in this video to get a shoutout in my next video!
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Ultimate Squishy Package!!! Fanmail?! | Life Of A Unicorn
Was this fanmail or was it not meant for me? Let's find out! Inspired by SoooKawaii! Hahahhaahhahaah....this is a spoof! Please no hate :( I watch a lot of spoofs that got a lot of hate. Snapchat: lollipop12309 Instagram: sophi3_Idraw Musical.ly: lollipop_lover173 Comment down below "squishies" in the section below! Thanks for watching this spoof!
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Slime Bloopers! | Life Of A Unicorn
I just posted this because it was pretty funny to me! And yes I own these videos! Musical.ly: lollipop_lover173 Instagram: sophi3_Idraw Snapchat: lollipop12309 HAVE FUN SLIMERS!
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