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240k profit trading forex 2
You can make good profits very short period of time trading forex, but the market conditions changing all the time. If you don't like risk the best to trade with low leverage, because it will not play with your trading psychology. So you can follow your strategy through, and over time profitable.
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trading update 01 03 18 30 04 18
This is an update about my trading profits
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why you need to put positive risk reward in your strategy 1
trading strategy with positive risk reward. More than 100% profit in 3 years.
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Trading set up, 3 monitor, justable trading desk.
This is 3 screen gaming computer but I only use it for trading and search the web. My desk can be set higher or lower so if I was siting too much I just set the desk higher so I can standing up. the cost of everything the pc the 3 screen keyboard mouse and the desk was £1500
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08 01 18 12 01 18 123pips profit made by trading
trading profits for the week. This is a signal account what you can follow or copy. www.cm.spotware.com/strategy/60000 broker IC markets
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The beginning of trading challenge and 2th week of the year of my trading
trading update of the 1 week of the year of trading.
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follow your trading plan
made 2 mistakes with 2 trades, missed out on 80 pips. follow your trading plan perfectly, otherwise it will cut into your profits, and you will get a worse expectancy overall.
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small account has a 140 pound profit
Now days forex trading is possible to do successfully with a relatively small account, because now the minimum amount of currency you can buy is 1000. If you trade with the minimum size as you can, you still can make a little plus income. But over time you can increase the size and you can grow your account exponentially. this link if you want to learn https://www.forexsignals.com/?aff=34437
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quick update on 10 0118
How missing trade can cut into your profits over time.
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