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My Botancial Gardens Trip 🌸🌹
I went back to Botancial Gardens this year it was fun i took pictures of the cosplayers it is amazingly cool. I also bought my necomimi ears too 😽 everyone said it looks cute.
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Unboxing my necomimi cat ears!! ^.^
Yayy it's here my necomimi cat ears are here I'm so lucky :)) please comment soon
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Fun in the bounce house
Me and fareema went to the manthann last June with her little sister she was cute there she is in the bounce house.
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My cute hamster
This is my hamster Mickey he's soooo cute :))) he's the best hamster ever
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The Japanese hat dance part 1
I went to the botanical gardens last April with my anime club it was fun. So enjoy :3
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The Japanese hat dance part 2
I uploaded the second part so enjoy while you can
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My first time in daiso
I went to Japan town in San Francisco on Saturday it was fun and this is my first time in a Japanese dollar store so enjoy
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Cuphead 2
I made this in Flipaclipbi really love Cuphead so I made a second part of it I guess this is what it should look like. I don't know one day I'll be part of the team.✊
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Fun in the ferris wheel
I'm in the ferris wheel in Virginia Beach it's a great view from up here
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Ride in the tractor
I'm with my best friend fareema in Florida and I'm in the tractor
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