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roblox Shell shock ID
So um IDK 😐
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Random DIY S
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Cindy Layson
Leo's Birthday
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Weird romance song if for trolling orders in admin commands
Umm..this used to be motersport umm...YE
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I need your love - with hands (READ DESCRIPTION FIRST)
Umm I don’t know what to say but I’m sorry for the bad hand thingy and music is really weird it’s just I’m a new YOUTUBER well not that new but I still don’t have a camera and I don’t have g1 & g2 lps which I am working on for my lps videos and umm yeah that all I have to say SOO hope you enjoyed this video? Bye!
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LPS:10 things what LPStubers do to their main characters
Well u did not hear the part at the ending where I said well I still have no merch cause I am a kid anyways bye guyz peace out bye!!!!!and also still no shout out
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Opening up a lps toy(check at the distribution below)
Hello guys this is my first time doing a unpacking an lps toy today and I will be competing all of you as soon as possible bye! XD
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How to make a intro (PART TWO)
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Lps house tour!
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This is a random thing I did :/
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First time playing dash tag!
Sorry I couldn’t post the running in the video because I have to hold the camera :c But at least you can find it now! It’s from animal jam I think..I don’t know..But anyways thanks for the ones who created this!
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My FNAF project!
I’m gonna do some more while I upgrade it.It will probably take a month but when I get older I’m gonna get a new one meaning I’m just gonna print some things from FNAF 1.I have done this because..I don’t know..I was just sooo obsessed with FNAF that..I decided to make a video of it. By the way I’m gonna say that Scott gaming or whatever he is called made a new book called the fourth closet.I found this in a video so shout out to the dude who was doing that.Im making this at my own project and it’s a fun one.If you wanna make one just follow my video instructions if I could do one..Nah I shouldn’t but I can do it but just talking not ACTUALLY doing it because it will just take my time.So yeah that’s pretty much it for all I needed to tell you guys.. And thank you for everyone who subscribed in this channel!Who ever is a FNAF fan like a am pls subscribe to me because I do roblox and FNAF and lps and FNAF means lps FNAF so yeah.. I’ll tell you more when I have so more upgrades alright guys? And pls help me hit 100 subs and I will be doing a shout out to those who are being nice to me..I can’t do a give away cause I’m not aloud to..But thank you for the 9 subs I think it’s 9 subs? But anyways thank you for the ones that subscribed to me I appreciate that ALOT.And help me do more things in my videos by you inspiring me.It will help me get more subs and get me more shout outs and new games That’s all it I have to say pretty much..So guys peace out and have a wonderful day! Cya in my next episode!
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July 6, 2018
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