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I’m using bases
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Part three(I think) collab with bittersweet
Sorry you may have to edit the background idk how and I can’t figure out how to add the music
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Tribute to bittersweet
Sorry this video got deleted as well
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Evi the fox (read desc)
Ok so maybe a change of plans I will have two channels one doesn’t have any videos yet but please don’t leave I will keep this channel open as long as possible sorry for the inconvenience This was made by one of my friends I just redrew it as usual and by Saturday I will have another video uploaded for I am trying to upload every Saturday and maybe every Thursday and Tuesday Thanks for your support and remember if you want me to add your work to a video I’d be happy to I just need to organize something to do so
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I need an excuse to show you all my new channel(read desc for more info)
So I was finally kicked off this account by its owner but no worries, I have a new account! The account name is Serpent the Snake, I have a much wider variety of videos as well so make sure to check it out. I should have told you sooner but I had to set everything up and that was a lot to do. I hope you do go subscribe to my new channel because I don’t know how long the account owner for this one will let me use it. Make sure you subscribe to it as well, I upload every day, at least I try to, and I do redraws or I give shout outs so just wanted to tell you all that! Ok I’ll see you hopefully on my new channel. BYE
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My friends
Thanks to you all in the video you’ve inspired me and been so kind thank you for making my oc and thank you for making twirly
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Thanks bittersweet read desc
The one on the right his name is serpent
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Aphmau fandom
It’s so sad ugh but this is what I wanted to happen and I’m sure Aaron would have wanted this to
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Tribute to majestic
Sorry I’ve done this video like three times now the others got deleted oops
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Sorry for redo read desc
I am making a new channel it will be called serpent the snake why is not important but I just wanted to let you know sorry about this and you need to go subscribe to it
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Evi(middle, Kenny (far left), cia( far right)
These three were all made by one of my best friends so thank you for letting me redraw these and just a a heads up I will most likely upload every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday if not that then just Thursday and Saturday
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