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Genderbend AU || Part one || Gachaverse
Who is Unlucky Cat and Lightning? Find out next time!!! I LOVE U by Epidemic Sound
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Youth GMV || The End (read description)
So the story is that after the events of I Am Falling For You, Neptune goes back to school to see her friends talking behind her back. After she finds out, an explosion goes off in the classroom where her friends are. In the process, they die. Neptune goes to the classroom to find parts of her friends clothes in the rubble. Her goal is to find the terrorist and give them a ‘time out’. Neptune finds out that the terrorist is a student. While training to fight them, she sees her friends. After a week, her emotions are gone and gets hit by a car. A voice calls to her to tell her to not die and wakes up in her bed. While sleeping, she has a nightmare of her friends telling her it’s her fault they died. She had enough. Neptune fight with the terrorist does not go well. She is not strong enough. After being left alone in the room, she sees her friends and joins them soon. The End
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A Normal Game Of Monopoly || Myth Team Speedpaint
Song: You will always the one by Epidemic Sound
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Crayon song || Gachaverse meme
ITS DONEEEE!!!1!!!!1 If you don’t know the roles, here they are! Red - Luna Orange - Sparkle Puff Yellow - Jessalyn Tasl Green - Thunder Blue - Blue rose Purple - Neko-Chan Brown - Unlucky Wolf White - Ice winter Black - Neptune Changing clothes takes a super long time, so sorry that Unlucky Wolf isn’t in the final 2 scenes!
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Genderbend AU || Part two || Gachaverse
Who is Titan? Find out next time! You Will Always Be The One by Epidemic Sound ITS DONE YAYA
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Dessert Meme (Aphmau Version) || Original by Silvarwyre
Original meme by Silvarwyre Aphmau belongs to Aphmau (Jess) Video belongs to me
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RPG meme || Original by Rossali
Original meme by Rossali Video by meh
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Blue Wolf in a nutshell
I don’t know what I just did. My throat hurts now.
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I AM THE MAN || Svtfoe OC || SussieSushi
I AM THE MAN meme Original by Zachery Zac Do not steal or reupload
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The Great Diamond Authority || Steven Universe speedpaint
WOOHOO ITS DONE! What’s the use of feeling blue instrumental by Kaath Kilo I own nothing but the art! Turn the quality to 700p ❤️
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GRRRLS meme || Gachaverse
This took around 4 - 5 hours of screenshot-ing and editing. I also found out how to use the chroma key! Thanks YouTube. Song: AViVa - Grrrls Original: ??? (Idk)
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Bang Bang meme (Luna x Ghost) || Original by Nirami
You can’t escape Luna 😁
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Gacha Vine Compilation || 4 Days Left
4 Days Left...
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This is going to be a fun week!
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The Secret Power Of Neptune
Thanks Eclipsa.
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Gacha Vine Compilation #2 || 3 Days Left
3 Days Left...
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Boys meme || 5 Days Left
5 Days Left...
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I am falling for you GMV || 1 Day Left
1 Day Left...
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Just a normal day || Myth Team speedpaint
I’m sorry Songs: I love U by Epidemic Sound
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Main six || Myth Team speedpaint
Songs: Bubble tea by Daek cat featuring Juu and Cinders Be with you by Epidemic Sound
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