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Idek and idgaf. Bendy singing spotlight? Well, whatever this is, leave me be.
Idk something I made in me spare time so ye.
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Oof happy anniversary bendy and boris.
WOOP WOOP their 2nd anniversary so have a drawing that’s crappy.
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wtf am I doing with my life this is not entertainment but harassment.
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The creator lied to us...?
Idek what this is lol..I just kept on doing stuff and this happened.
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My intro
This is my introduction for every video(when I work out how to do something else first) I hope you like this video!
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Worst player ever on slither.io!
Hi guys it's me again Ceren and today I've made a short video of me playing slither.io . Don't forget to like and subscribe !
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Meep city game!
Hey guys today I'm going to play roblox meep city and you have to wait to even go in the game. Don't forget to like and subscribe!
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The best game ever! Part 1
Hi and sorry guys about not making a video for too long. Any ways I found a awesome game on roblox called ripull minigames which is soooooo cool. Don't forget to like and subscribe for more videos!
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A short animatic ye
Ye its short i know. I just thought thus bit of the song kinda fitted Bindie so i went ahead and did it. The song is mamma mia (from mamma mia wow) AND YE ENJOY MY IMPROVEMENT THATS VERY MINOR.
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Doki doki forever GVMV (read desc) contains spoilers!
Sorry about the beginning, and all the other mistakes in the video.this is my first time I’ve ever made an edited video, and I’m really bad at editing. So it ended up like this. Apart from that, I hope you enjoy it! I really don’t need anyone to subscribe or like, I just made this for fun and put it on YouTube as I haven’t done a video for over a year ( I gave up on doing videos eventually) I might be making more if people find this video, or say that they want something else, but if not, I might just not make any more. Doki doki forever is by or3o, she makes such good songs, check her channel out! It’s great! Characters are by team salvato, who made the game doki doki. The game is free if you want to check it out! But just so you know, the game is not for children or people who are easily disturbed.
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Ripull minigames part2
Hey guys it's me Ceren and today were playing ripull minigames I hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to like and subscribe for more videos!
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the other one
This is the other ne became see can't put that one into a video. I'm sorry but I hope you like this intro!made with #VideoShow-https://itunes.apple.com/app/id930380089
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Lost my winning powers!
Hey guys I'm so really sorry for not doing any videos for a year. It's because air shou didn't work on me till now. Anyways I hope you like this video and don't forget to subscribe!
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Playing meep city with lanyflywing part 1
This is a video where I play with my bud. I hope you like this!
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