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Building Robby's Paver Patio 2915
Last two days of building Robby's Paver Patio, September 2015
Views: 33 Harro Penk
A video showing an unintended hit on the 8-ball. This situation should have caused the seated player to receive ball-in-hand, but this did not occur.
Views: 25 Harro Penk
Balloon ride at the Cancer Walk in Rhinebeck, NY.
"DCC and Friends" team taking turns riding the balloon at the Rhinebeck Fairgrounds, May 2016.
Views: 4 Harro Penk
Sky and Jack in the Snow
Our Dachshund and our Tennessee Rescue mix (Great Pyrenees & Border Collie) running around the snow right after the snow storm ended. Someone really loves the snow!!
Views: 38 Harro Penk

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