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UGGlife Surf Series: Meet Kassia Meador
We travel to Venice Beach to meet the legendary Kassia Meador, a pro longboarder who designs her own line of eco-friendly wetsuits, KASSIA + SURF. Read more on the blog: http://bit.ly/2IcdPX8 Follow @UGG + @UGGformen Shop at www.UGG.com
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UGGlife Surf Series: Meet Ryan and Katie Lovelace
We meet up with creative couple Ryan and Katie Lovelace in Santa Barbara, CA, where they hand-shape surfboards, design activewear, and always make time for a sunset trip to the water. Read more on the blog: http://bit.ly/2wF03er Follow @UGG + @UGGformen Shop at www.UGG.com
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UGGlife Surf Series: Meet Trevor & Maddie Gordon
We spend a day in Santa Barbara, CA, with creative couple Trevor and Maddie Gordon, who surf, make art, and live semi-nomadically between their sailboat and camper truck. Read more on the blog: http://bit.ly/2IbUPYP Follow @UGG + @UGGformen Shop at www.UGG.com
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UGGlife Surf Series: Meet Mele Saili
We head to Encinitas, CA, where pro-surfer and artist Mele Saili lives minimally with her own chickens, lots of surfboards, and an enviable art studio. Read more on the blog: http://bit.ly/2jLB2Vw Follow @UGG + @UGGformen Shop at www.UGG.com
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AW18 UGG Collective: Meet Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr
This season, we're meeting up with the members of our UGG Collective to get a behind-the-scenes look at their art, life, and unique view of the world. Bold, free-spirited, and forward-thinking, our Collective members are at the core of what we do. First up, meet Clementine Creevy. With her DIY approach and sharp sense of humor, Clementine Creevy carved her way through the Los Angeles music scene before even receiving her high-school diploma. She founded Cherry Glazerr in her bedroom at age 15 after catching the attention of LA's Burger Records. Wildly complex and unapologetically loud, Cherry Glazerr's music blends a punk ethos with witty lyricism – taking on everything from feminism to friendship and the pains of growing up. Read more here: http://bit.ly/2Lq6KaW Follow @UGG + @UGGformen
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The AW18 UGG Collective
We're excited to introduce our newest UGG Collective: a group of creatives who are bold, free-spirited, and forward-thinking. You've met our Collective in years past, and it's members continue to change and evolve as we do. This season, we feature an actor, an artist, a musician, a photographer, a traveler, and a surfer – though each is so much more than just that label. They create art and explore the diverse landscapes of California with us, from Los Angeles to Mammoth Mountain. In the next few months, we'll sit down with our Collective members to tell their stories and take a peek into their lives. But first, get acquainted with each of them below. https://bit.ly/2KLAIpM Follow @UGG + @UGGformen
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Meet Kent Twitchell from the UGG Collective
This season, some of us Southern California natives at UGG® HQ are gushing over the artist featured in the collective. He’s known for his enormous breathtaking murals showcased across buildings in Los Angeles, which we’ve been so used to seeing as we are (inevitably) stuck in traffic. His paintings have become permanent landmarks across several buildings in Downtown LA, with his most recent project being his repainting of Ed Ruscha. We were able to catch up with Kent to talk more about his process, outlook on why he’s in love with painting big, and why his connection to Los Angeles is so special. Read more no the blog: http://ugg.com/blog Follow us: http://instagram.com/ugg http://facebook.com/ugg http://twitter.com/ugg http://pinterest.com/ugg
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Celebrating 40 Years of UGG with Adwoa Aboah and Heron Preston
For our 40th anniversary, UGG is teaming up with convention-defying fashion icons Adwoa Aboah and Heron Preston to celebrate everything that makes us unique. We channel their bold, unapologetic style with the limited-edition 40:40:40 Collection, an original take on the silhouettes you know and love in honor of 40 years. To learn more [about 40:40:40] and browse the Collection, visit https://bit.ly/2zvCTGr. Follow us: https://www.instagram.com/ugg/ https://www.instagram.com/uggformen/
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The UGG SS18 Collective
Meet this season’s group of creatives that make up the UGG Collective. In SS18, we continue to celebrate our birthplace through a group of Californians gathered in iconic locations. This season the UGG Collective includes musicians, photographers, surfers, students, athletes, influencers, and artists. Like UGG, they are provocative, progressive, free spirited, sensual, optimistic, and warm. In telling their stories, we tell ours.
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AW18 UGG Collective: Meet actress Sasha Lane
Bold, free-spirited, and forward-thinking, our Collective members are at the core of what we do. Up next, we have Sasha Lane. Determined to do Hollywood her own way, actress Sasha Lane is a rising star and one to watch closely. In 2016, she made her debut to rave reviews in Andrea Arnold’s American Honey. Lauded for her raw energy and on-screen charisma by a number of publications – such as Interview Magazine, W, Variety, American Vogue, and Teen Vogue who recently featured her in their change-making “Class of 2018” – she’s set to appear in multiple upcoming films, including The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Hellboy, and Weetzie Bat. Read more here: http://bit.ly/2NlAMga Follow us: https://www.instagram.com/ugg/
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AW18 UGG Collective: Meet artist Gianni Lee
This season, we're meeting up with the members of our UGG Collective to get a behind-the-scenes look at their art, life, and unique view of the world. Bold, free-spirited, and forward-thinking, our Collective members are at the core of what we do. Meet artist and activist Gianni Lee. Based in Los Angeles, Gianni Lee is a multi-hyphenate creative who seamlessly weaves in and out of art, music, and fashion. He first started gaining popularity through the viral success of his mixtapes as well as his cult-favorite streetwear brand Babylon Cartel – worn by the likes of Rihanna, Jaden and Willow Smith, Young Thug, and Jhene Aiko. Inspired by his upbringing in West Philly as well as a wrongful arrest for an alleged assault that landed him in jail for three nights, his work reflects and questions the current climate in America. Read more here: https://bit.ly/2N49OGC
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UGG: Our Commitment to Animal Welfare
Interested in the animal welfare policy for UGG®? Please take a moment to learn about how UGG® only sources sheepskin from farms that practice humane animal treatment and don’t commit acts of animal cruelty such as mulesing. To learn more about our animal welfare policy, visit: https://www.ugg.com/animal-welfare-faq.html
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Conservation Coalition: Save the Waves
The magnetism of the beach extends past its individual draw. Beyond the cherished memories that our favorite seaside hotspots encompass, these magical places fuel local economies and host unimaginably complex ecosystems. That’s why UGG is teaming up with Save the Waves Coalition, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the sanctity of coastlines worldwide: born on the beach, UGG is rooted in coastal culture. Honoring all the ocean has given us, we decided to give back. Save the Waves’ three-pillar approach to conservation – World Surfing Reserves, Endangered Waves and Surfonomics – endeavors to inform, empower and mobilize communities to make a difference where it matters most: at home. The three programs complement one another, fostering the awareness and passion necessary to locally and globally springboard conservation efforts. Inversely, these efforts work to keep our beaches beautiful and worth fighting for. No matter where in the world, we all depend upon the waters that bring our stories together. To learn more, please visit http://bit.ly/2NslEe0 Follow us: https://www.instagram.com/savethewavescoalition/ https://www.instagram.com/ugg/ https://www.instagram.com/uggformen/
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Breaking down Cali Construction | Men's Cali Sneaker High by UGG
The Cali sneaker embodies West-Coast casual with its high-top silhouette, clean lines, and durable outsole. Cast in soft suede, this everyday sneaker is built with our precise California construction for a lightweight, flexible fit. Wear the Cali Sneaker with everything – it’s your new go-to.
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UGG Gives Back: Save the Waves
The beach is in our DNA. Founded on the California coast, UGG is paying respect to its surfside roots by donating $50,000 to Save the Waves Coalition, an organization dedicated to protecting coastlines worldwide. To learn more, please visit http://bit.ly/2NslEe0 Follow us: https://www.instagram.com/savethewave... https://www.instagram.com/ugg/ https://www.instagram.com/uggformen/
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