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Thank you Cheska!|My fairy life gacha studio ep.2
Guys this is the second episode of my fairy life please like and subscribe! Hastag: #ThankyouCheska! Music:Cheerleader
The Human World|My fairy life Gacha studio ep.1
This is the first episode of My Fairy life... I know I'm still a beginner with editing but my skills will improve soon. Music:See you again Pls subscribe and like the video!
TheNotebrush| Miraculous Ladybug parody Speaker Queen
My parody of miraculous ladybug, one of my favorite show. Hope you enjoyed!
The NoteBrush Tagalog|Trip by Trip
Hello welcome to the first tagalog episode of the NoteBrush!!!!!!!! Suspended ulit ang klase! Trip by Trip muna! Haha sayaw daw ehh natatawa ako sobra hahahahhahahahahhahahahhha *casts* Princess (me) Ivan Vincent Lloren Bernice Isabelle (the one who takes this video)
The NoteBrush|Copycat Gacha Studio (good ending)
Hai pls subscribe and like this vid this is my parody of Copycat by Billie Ellish hope u enjoyed!
Baby Shark :-) pls read the description
Hi guys today we will do the baby shark challenge! Please subscribe and like the video!!! Casts PRINCESS LLOREN ADRIAN BERNICE NATALIE Videobombers AEZUS(gray shirt) FRANCIS(orange shirt) EUAN(red shirt) YVETTE(pink shirt) JAMILLAH(stipe shirt) DANICA(red shirt) Special thanks to Kristine for being the camera girl
Thank you....
"Baon" ¦ GachaVerse
The NoteBrush|Redrawing my old art *WARNING MUSIC*
June 24,2018 so the old art is not really old because I only drew it 5 months ago but I was looking at my old art and thought that I need to redraw it. I'm also happy with the product because it's not that bad and I'm improving my art..... Hope you enjoy!
TheNotebrush|Pranks to pull on your friend
Hey guys!!! Welcome to another video please subscribe and like this video Thank you!!!!!!!! Casts Princess Lloren
When you promised to not watch anime for one day
With DjXella2007yt (sorry I forgot your headphones)
TheNoteBrush | Copycat x Gasoline | Gachaverse Music Video
Suggested bu ELLEN FREMAH... thank you for this wonderful suggestion
Kisekae MMD | LDShadowlady
Motion by: Kilala1148 https://youtu.be/LBgd7d4sOO8
Work Meme | [What am I doing]
Nicole eto na Motion: https://youtu.be/6-Wohi569Lk
The Notebrush| School Girls Simulator GLITCH
Hey guys hope you enjoy the video! Please subscribe and like the video! So I just found this crazy glitch. This is just an accident but I think it's so COOL.
I Like Me Better | GachaVerse
Hope you like my art and edit!!!😁😁😁💗💗💗
Fly Away | MMD | Teto
Motion by Akira Chan
When Red dances Bboom Bboom
June5,2018 lel
°The Notebrush|My heart will go on · lyre cover°
Pls. subscribe and like the video! Thank you!
TheNotebrush|Mannequin Challenge at School!!!
So today our class is suspended but it was announced when we are at school so we just made this video!!!! Hi guys so this is my second channel because I can't open my other phone and my youtube channel is there so I made this second channel!!! Please subscribe and like the video!!!! Bye guysssssss *casts* Princess (me) Lloren Sofia Natalie Bernice Jasmin Danica Tonette (the one who takes this video)
Bboom bboom mmd [TEST]
This is not the final video because i still don't have stage i will use only 3 models because.... LAG hope u understand...
TheNotebrush|Baby Shark [bloopers]
Hi guys!!Today I will upload the bloopers of the baby shark challenge! Please subscribe and like the video!!!!!
Exploration edit | GachaVerse
#TheNoteBrush exploration edit
TheNoteBrush | Partners 1 ep. 1 [Read Description]
Yay! New series! (I hope i won't delete gachaverse) (I don't really know what will I put in the title so I just put that)
TheNoteBrush | "SMILES" | Gachaverse edit
I'm actually proud of how this turned out,,, but if you are asking if this has something to do with my life, nope.... It's just an edit,,, so don't worry about me... #TheNoteBrushEdits
°bored :-P° (read desc)
Another drawing... mobile legends Alice... too bored so I just put my signature in d middle but I really put my signature in the bottom right corner of my drawing. Hope you enjoyed! (I don't know what music to choose so I just chose this) (Also, I'm a big fan of hororo chan and zkael so I used the photo from hororo chan's video)
For Ej and Jazzi
School girls simulator update
This is the new update for school girls simulator, hope you enjoy it!
TheNoteBrush | Doki Doki Forever | MMD
Motion: https://youtu.be/XyILI0zfxmc
TheNotebrush|My ocs (pls don't copy)
These are my ocs pls don't copy...
Friends 4Ever | episode 5 [READ DESCRIPTION]
I don't know how but i accidentally deleted my gacha studio sorry for that but im going to continue Friends 4Ever in Gachaverse thank you....
I need help