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Mybliss meets the stars of The Mortal Instruments
Put Lily Collins, Robert Sheehan, and Jamie Campbell Bower in a room to promote their movie, give them some paper and pens and what do you have? Carnage. Mybliss meets the stars of The Mortal Instruments, and this is what happens...
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Megan from Skins chats to mybliss.co.uk
Find out which Skins boy YOU are suited to at http://www.mybliss.co.uk/skinsboys
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MyBliss catches up with Big Time Rush
We catch up with Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush boys- James, Kendall, Logan and Carlos tell us about everything from farting in elevators to keeping penguins as pets!
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Mybliss.co.uk at the world premiere for One Direction: This Is Us!
The whole world was watching as One Direction sauntered along the red carpet of their new movie, One Direction: This Is Us, and Mybliss.co.uk was there with our camera ready to shove in their faces and get all the goss...
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MyBliss hangs out with One Direction!
We hang out with One Direction boys Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik at a Go Kart track to celebrate Mario Kart 7!
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How I Live Now exclusive clip for Mybliss.co.uk!
How I Live Now exclusive clip for Mybliss.co.uk! In cinemas 4th October.
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Mybliss behind the scenes with Harvey!
Harvey's new video for Thank You is AWESOME, and we should know, we were there! Here's the behind the scenes of the shoot, featuring BLISS's very own Fashion and Beauty ed Fatima!
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Skins' Lily and Kathryn chat to mybliss.co.uk
Find out which Skins boy YOU are suited to at http://www.mybliss.co.uk/skinsboys
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Mybliss talk to Little Mix!
From crisp obsessions to singing farts... we get gossing with the the UK's no.1 girl group!
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Mybliss plays Spin the Bottle with JLS!
We catch up with JLS. Apologies for all the laughing - try sitting in a room with the JLS boys as they sing, work out and shove Jelly Babies in their mouths and see how you would do :o)
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Skins' Luke, Kaya and Ollie chat to mybliss.co.uk
Find out which Skins boy YOU are suited to at http://www.mybliss.co.uk/skinsboys
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Skins' Jack chats to mybliss.co.uk
Find out which Skins boy YOU are suited to at http://www.mybliss.co.uk/skinsboys
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Selena Gomez answers YOUR questions!
We asked the users of http://www.mybliss.co.uk to upload their quessies for Selena and here's the result... http://www.mybliss.co.uk
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Victoria Justice answers BLISS readers' questions!
Victoria Justice answers BLISS readers' questions!
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We caught up with Chipmunk in the middle of his tour with Tinchy Stryder - here are his answers to some questions from Bliss readers. Visit mybliss.co.uk for loads more celebrity interviews and gossip!
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Mybliss.co.uk get chatty with Jessica Lowndes!
We get Jess to confess...
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Union J chats to Mybliss.co.uk!
Carry You is out 2nd of June, so we get Union J to carry out some ridiculous tasks. Those crazy kids.
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Charlie Bewley chats to mybliss.co.uk
To WATCH THE WHOLE INTERVIEW go to http://www.mybliss.co.uk/charlie
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JLS chat to mybliss.co.uk
JLS were in a silly mood when we met them last week! This interview made us crack up! If you want to see more, head to www.mybliss.co.uk
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Skins' Lisa and Merv chat to mybliss.co.uk
Find out which Skins boy YOU are suited to at http://www.mybliss.co.uk/skinsboys
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New Moon fan event
We were beside ourselves with excitement when the New Moon posse rolled into town for the fan event at Battersea Evolution. Here's what happened... Check out www.mybliss.co.uk/twilight for loads more Twilight interviews and gossip
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Mybliss.co.uk meets the stars of Beautiful Creatures!
Mybliss.co.uk gets chatting to Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich who play Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate in new flick Beautiful Creatures, out 13th Feb! We set them a challenge, see if they take it on!
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Chloe won a Bliss competition to interview JLS. Check out the amazing result! Then go to www.mybliss.co.uk/interviews to watch Aston doing a backflip for Bliss!!
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Vampire Diaries cast chat to mybliss.co.uk
We're obsessed with vampires! http://www.mybliss.co.uk
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We get Honest with Tulisa!
Tulisa speaks nothing but the truth when we get her to fill in the chapters in our own Mybliss style book!
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Kiowa Gordon chats to mybliss.co.uk
Here's what happened when we caught up with Kiowa Gordon, who plays Embry Call in the Twilight Saga. For loads more Twilight gossip visit http://www.mybliss.co.uk
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Mybliss.co.uk get chatting with Fast Girls' Bradley James!
The Merlin star talks about moving from round tables to race tracks...
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It's Cover Drive!
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Mybliss chats to Tich!
Possibly the nicest celeb we've ever met, Tich chats to Mybliss about her latest single, touring with Olly Murs, and she answers questions from you, the BLISS readers!
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Mybliss talks to Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer!
Mybliss.co.uk chatted to the stars of Warm Bodies, Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer! We talked all things zombie, and found out some interesting things on their thoughts on eating brains...yum.
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Channing and Amanda at Dear John screening
We braved the rain to hang out with Channing and Amanda on the red carpet at the gala screening of Dear John last night. We reckon they were worth it! Get more Channing gossip at http://www.mybliss.co.uk
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Mybliss chats to Jesse Eisenberg and Isla Fisher!
We chat to Jesse Eisenberg and Isla Fisher, stars of new magic thriller Now You See Me!
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MyBliss.co.uk chats to Miranda Cosgrove!
Despicable Me 2 has hit cinemas so we hit Miranda up for a chat. Using a stuffed unicorn covered in questions waved in front of her face. Standard.
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Dionne Bromfield chats to mybliss.co.uk
Here are some of the questions you sent in for Dionne Bromfield... For loads more interviews visit www.mybliss.co.uk
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Pixie Lott chats to mybliss.co.uk
We chatted to Pixie Lott at the launch of Guitar Hero 5. Check out her headbanging! Then visit www.mybliss.co.uk for loads more Pixie gossip!
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Percy Jackson webchat
For loads more on the new Percy Jackson movie go to http://www.mybliss.co.uk
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