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Brittana - Heaven
God I hope Brittana are in season 6. The Brittana scenes in 101 were adorable and amazing and yeah, overall I loved them. Hopefully we'll get tones more content and I'll be able to make more videos! Thanks for watching. Heaven cover - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XuDE_ziF7A
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Brittana - All Of Me
Oh god. What can I say? That kiss was just..it killed me. Had to do a video to this song. Will probably do another video after 101. SO FREAKIN' EXCITED. Also, I tried to edit this in about an hour so sorry if it sucks.
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Cory Monteith and the Glee Cast
I wish I could have done more of the cast but not many of them publicly spoke about Cory. RIP Cory. Always in our hearts.
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Brittana - Say Something
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Sarah x Willow - Never Wanted Anything So Much
Soooo for some reason I recently got into Big Brother Canada, and I couldn't help but fall in love with Sarah and Willow. (Especailly Willow she is freakin' adorable). Even tho I promised myself when I got some free time I would make another Brittana video, I couldn't help myself and made this instead. I swear I will make another Brittana one eventually...One day.
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Dana/Lara - Don't Wanna Lose
Okaaay so I just recently started watching The L Word. I instantly fell in love with Lara/Dana...although I'm not a fan of the entire storyline, I kind of edited it down to how I think it should have gone...If that makes sense. ALSO I know a lot of people shipped Alice/Dana, and I LOVED their friendship. I cried like a baby when Alice was in the hospital. I just think they should have stayed friends. So yeah, here's my video. Took me like an entire day to do :P Enjoy. ALSO ALSO sorry about the subtitles the place I downloaded them had them and I'll be darned if I'm downloading them all again
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Without You
If you haven't watched Shooting Star, I'd suggest you don't watch this. Enjoy :)
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Brittana - Can't Help Falling In Love
So youtube wouldn't let me upload this video due to copyright so I had to add some extra's scenes that weren't originally there, so if they come out of nowhere, that's why. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video :) Can't wait for episode 6 and 8. Like, I'mma die. If you haven't already, check out my reaction videos ;) AND SUBSCRIBE. Ta.
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Brittana - Wait
So this has been sitting in my drafts for like AGES so I decided to kind of finish it off. It didn't really end how I wanted it but idgaf I haven't made a video in ages, and finishing this only took about ten minutes, so...here's my unfinished video (and probably my last Brittana related one) :)
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Heya - Leave Him For Me
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Grenna - Let Me Look In Your Eyes
SO, I wanted to make a Grenna video after the ep aired but I couldn't find a song. I've heard this song on the radio for awhile and everytime it came on I'd switch it. So the other day I decided to listen to the whole song and I was like holy shit this song is incredible. So I decided to use it for my Grenna video. Hope it works :) Byeee. Bitch.
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Chasing Life - Run
So I got this trial editing thingy and it's pretty cool. I've wanted to do this video for awhile and I finally could. Enjoy.
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Brittana - I'm going to die
A little video I made about Brittana. Enjoy.
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Heya - No Place I'd Rather Be
Sooo since those new Heya pics came out I wanted to make a video, but I haven't had the time. But I have had a few days off so I decided to quickly make a video. Hope you enjoy :) Don't forget to like and subscribe and...stuff. Rather Be cover - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_as_IxjD3Oo
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Heya - Let her go
Kind of contrasting song to my other video but whatevs. HD bitches. Whether you think they had a relationship or not, you can't deny the incredible chemistry they had. Their friendship was something else and you could tell they loved each other, so, you can make of this video what you will.
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Grenna - How Will I Know
Had to end it abruptly because there isn't enough Grenna footage. Hopefully there'll be more in a couple weeks and I can make a full video!
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Grenna - Sad Song
I am loving Chasing Life so far! Even though I'd love for them to get back together, I do understand why they're just friends atm. The storyline makes sense. Anyway, if you're not watching this show, GO DO IT NOW. Byeeee.
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Little Things Brittana
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Emaya - Impossible
Yes, I'm addicted to making these. This is probably my last one, unless you guys want me to do more?! *Hint hint* Thanks for watching. Don't forget to subscribe, like and comment :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJqbaGloVxg
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Brittana - Soulmate
This one's kinda shit but I really wanted to make a quick video to this quote.
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Brittana - Hold it against me
So I may or may not have used clips from my other videos but still shut up whatever ;) Anyway, enjoy!
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Sofie/Emilie - After All
I've wanted to make a new video for so long but hadn't found any inspiration, untill I decided to watch Heartless. Honestly the best show I've watched in awhile. Also apologies for lack of videos my laptop broke (definitely didn't drop it on the floor) and so making this video was painful as I had it hooked up to a tv and could barely see shit. So sorry for any mistakes or whatever. hopefully this'll get me back into video editing but we'll see.
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Naya Rivera - Super Cute
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Glee - Human
So these are like, in my opinion, some of the saddest moments on Glee. Was going to add some Will/Sam but I didn't have enough time :P
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Brittana - Jealous Of The Rain
Okay, so I LOVE this song, and I really wanted to use it with Brittana, but obviously it's a sad song and Brittana are happy at the moment #wives - so anyway, I decided to get all their bad moments and put them to this song, but give it a happy ending. So reliving all that angst is okay because we know how it ends. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense. Like I always say, once I get a song in my head, I have to make a video to it, otherwise I'll never stop listening to it. Peace. Pees. Piss. Bye.
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Brittana - As Long As We're Together
Soooo did this on my new editing software and wanted to try out some weird new things. I got bored after awhile and MAY have used some clips from my last video. My attention span is getting worse ;) And also I don't have all the episodes downloaded on my new laptop, so it's taking awhile to download. ALSO, I love this song. So much. I would have waited until after the wedding episode to use it, but I just couldn't get this song and Brittana out of my head. Enjoy bitchaaaas
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LilyKat - Don't you know you're beautiful.
This is a video I made from interviews with Lily and Kat. I love them too much. Enjoy!
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Heya - I won't let you go
Watch in HD my lovely banana's.
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The Quarterback - Glee
Like and subscribe and ...stuff.
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Grenna - Could Be The End
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Brittana - Somebody Who Loves Me
THIS TOOK FUCKING 20 HOURS TO EXPORT THE VIDEO...I had to keep my laptop on overnight...twice. My god. But it's done and if there are any things wrong with it now I might explode, so I'm leaving it as is. Enjoy ;)
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Emaya - Impossible 2.0
So I decided to remake my old Emaya video. There was too much footage and not enough song, so I couldn't use most of season 2 which sucks. Aah well. Also I'm secretly (not so secretly) hoping Maya is still alive especially after they had Bianca on the Halloween Special.And we never saw her body so...
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Brittana - I Choose You
So I was meant to finish this after the wedding ep aired, but I never did, so here's the unfinished version!
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Denny/Izzie - All I Want
So I was rewatching Grey's Anatomy and I forgot how much I love Denny and Izzie together. I mean...their story is heart breaking. I'm not including Season 5 (or whenever he comes back) because that storyline was fucking stupid and it wasn't really Denny. So yeah, enjoy :)
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Glee - The Game Is Over
Wow, sorry about the shit quality.
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At The Devil's Door - (Fanmade) Trailer
WARNING: If you do not want the movie to be spoiled, do not watch. It may contain some minor spoilers.
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Brittana - I Will Be Loving You
Brittana are getting married WAT? I mean....I'm just so freain' excited. If this song isn't played at their wedding I will riot. I swear this song is so beautiful and I'd love it to be 'their' song. Daaaaamn.
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Glee Cast - Nothing's changed at all
So this is a compilation of videos that the Glee cast have taken of themselves. I love all of them so much and if I make at least one person smile with this video, then I've done my job.
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Brittana/Heya - By Your Side
I had to reupload this cause it was being weird.. So I had an idea to make a video about both Heya and Brittana, the Heya bits are in black and white, but really, you can't tell the difference. Not sure if this video makes sense but...just go with it :P
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Glee - There's still hope
So I know this doesn't really make that much sense but I wanted to do a little video to this quote because man, it's so brilliant. If you want to listen to the whole thing it's here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd05kpKaYr8
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Channel Trailer
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Brittana - Frozen
Sorry it's so short I just had to make something since the spoilers came out. [SPOILER] Can't believe after everything they've been through, they're going to get engaged. I mean...It's crazy!
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Carmilla - No Love Without Sacrifice
So after watching the Carmilla final I think it's safe to say I'm hooked.
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Brittana - Stay
Yet another Brittana fanvideo. This one is my favourite so far (if I do say so myself) leave a comment if you want me to do another fanvideo, if not, leave a comment anyway ;) Please like and subscribe for more fun!
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Holly/Gail - You And I
Okay so the sound goes weird at one point and I apologize for that. Anyway, enjoy!
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Brittana - Stay 2.0
So I remade my old video, it's updated and hopefully better :)
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Brittana - I Love You and You Love Me
It's a pretty quick video cause I wanted to make one as soon as I saw the ep. For now, enjoy this quickly edited video. A better one is coming :) (She says)
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