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"Sorrowful, Regretful" Animatic
“Sorrowful, Regretful” comes from the 9th installment of Princess Trixie Sparkle. Princess Luna and Princess Celestia have been captured by the evil pony Astelle. Astelle forced Celestia to reveal a shocking truth to Luna which caused a great rift between the two sisters. This song is a lament, Celestia laments lying to Luna and Luna laments and unspoken relationship/bond with a pony named Shadow. There are still many secrets between these sisters… will they be able to share the whole truth before it’s too late? Lyrics: Magpiepony Performed by: ItsAnnaChloem and Raechel Anderson Mixed by: PegasusPitchVA Instrumental: “Evelyn, Evelyn” by the band Evelyn, Evelyn (ironic, right?) Animatic by the marvelous TrebleSketch, heap praises upon her ponies she deserves it! Lyrics: Luna: Sorrowful Celestia: Regretful Luna: All of those years that I lost Celestia: Memory comes at a cost Luna: Those I trusted let me down Celestia: Everything I tried to hide in my past Luna: It’s too late to make it okay Both: Right and wrong changes with Celestia: time Luna: Every old lie that’s told Celestia: Every new truth revealed Luna: Love and Loss Celestia: I’ve known my share Luna: we were inseparable Celestia: I had looked up to her Luna: How can I trust again? Both: What will become of us? Celestia: Can she learn to forgive? Luna: And then suddenly he was gone… Celestia: Will she be victorious? Both: Was all our love for not? Celestia: At least you are safe Luna: How could he turn away from me… Luna: Sorrowful Celestia: Regretful Luna: All of those years that I lost Celestia: Memory comes at a cost Luna: Those I trusted let me down Celestia: Everything I tried to hide in my past Luna: It’s too late to make it okay Both: What I’d give to take it all Celestia: back Luna: back so I won’t get hurt Celestia: So that I won’t hurt you Luna: Foolish pride Celestia: clouded my mind Luna: I was blinded, I believed those pretty lies Celestia: so how can I fix this? Luna: and How can we move on? Celestia: I would give almost anything Luna: I wish I could be ignorant Celestia: I know I messed it up but Both: I don’t deserve this Luna: I want to forget it Celestia: but it doesn’t work that way Luna: Sorrowful Celestia: Regretful Luna: All of those years that I lost Celestia: Memory comes at a cost Luna: Those I trusted let me down Celestia: Everything I tried to hide in my past Luna: It’s too late to make it okay Both: We both know sorrow and regret Luna: You denied me my past Celestia: I’m only trying to do what is best for us Luna: Well I never asked for this, I never wanted this, all that I want is to be your equal Celestia: Look into your heart, you’ll see that I’m… Luna: Just get away from me, please cease your empty plea, you’re always trying to be somepony else. Now I realize I’m all alone Celestia: But I’m right here by your side Luna: but all that you’ve done is lied! Celestia: Please do not turn away Luna: There’s nothing that you can say! ((Luna’s ending part: You cannot understand, you’re always resistant Stop apologizing I feel something missing I just want to go away Why can’t you leave me alone?)) ((Celestia’s ending part: You cannot understand, you’re always resistant Just apologizing I feel something missing I just want my sister back Why can’t we just get along?)) #MLP #MLPSong #PMV
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"Confrontation" Animatic (Princess Trixie Sparkle Version)
"Confrontation" comes from the 9th installment of the Princess Trixie Sparkle series. The alicorn Astelle pleads to Princess Luna to join her plan for revenge against Celestia, promising Luna justice and peace for what Celestia had done to her in the past. Will Luna turn against her sister for a second time? FREE DOWNLOAD (Without the sound effects) on our website: princesstrixiesparkle.webs.com Lyrics: Magpiepony Performed by: Magpiepony and Raechel Anderson Mixing: PegasusPitchVA Instrumental: "Confrontation" from the musical "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Animatic by the INCREDIBLY talented Luvlessi! Heap praises upon him ponies, he deserves it :D Astelle: The time has come to take your side The choice is yours alone In Tia’s shadow you can hide With all her lies The truth you’ve never known Or come with me, embrace the dark Unleash your nightmare half Then by dawn’s light We’ll set it right We’ll make it so And let our sorrows go Come with me sister I need you sister It’s been such a long time since I have felt this close to… Luna: Do you really think that I could ever join your side? Do you really take me for a fool? All that your plan offers me is fear inside their eyes That is not the way I wish to rule Astelle: Why can’t you see all the pain that she’s brought us? This is a way we can finally be free Luna: All I can see is the fury that blinds you Keep your revenge plans away from me Astelle: It’s not about me this too involves you She let you rot for 1000 years Don’t you believe she should pay for all your tears? Luna: This is not a game Astelle, I know how this will end Vengeance cannot bring your heart to peace Astelle: I decide what vengeance brings; it’s my means to an end With or without you I shall not cease Luna: No pony’s perfect Tia’s no different You must let go of things long past Astelle: It’s too late for sorries and Tia must suffer I’ll be set free when revenge is cast Luna: I fell to ruin; let darkness inside me I paid the price trapped inside the moon Forsaken my ways I’ve redeemed myself at last Astelle: You cannot hide from the truth now Luna: No! Astelle: You will give in to your dark side! Luna: NO! Astelle: And I’ll give you all you desire if you can reject her no longer will we have to hide! Luna: Can’t you see it’s over now, time to forgive Astelle: Not for me, it’s too late! Luna: Don’t let hate take over you Astelle: Hate’s what fuels me it feels great! Luna: Please Astelle, leave me be! Astelle: Dearest Luna you’re like me! Luna: NO! I refuse… Astelle: It’s your fate, come join me Luna: NO NEVER Astelle: YES FOREVER Luna: I won’t Astelle! Take all your evil deeds and ROT IN TARTARUS! Astelle: So be it then, Luna! #MLP #MLPsong #MyLittlePony
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A Story Told (MLP Singing Cover)
The Count of Monte Cristo (pony version) is about Rainbow Dash's (Edmund Dante's) best friends betraying her and locking her up for a crime that she didn't commit. In this song, the three 'friends' are scheming behind Rainbow's back because each of them wants something that Rainbow has. Twilight (Mondego) wants her marefriend Fluttershy (Mercedes), Applejack (Danglars) wants her job, and Rarity (Vilefort) is trying to protect her image and her job by keeping the truth covered up, the truth that Rainbow Dash knows. This song has been brought to life by the incredible duo Ink Potts! All rights to the animatic go to Ink Potts and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGs4jb1pCf8 AMAZING instrumental made by Cosmic Manta! (But is NOT available for use, sorry!) https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCosmicManta Twilight (Mondego) - IMShadow007 Applejack (Danglars) - GloryoftheRainWings Rarity (Vilefort) - Magpiepony Video and Sound edited by Magpiepony (with some help from PegasusPitch ;) ) "A Story Told" is from "The Count of Monte Cristo Musical" (All rights to the respective owner) FREE download of the song can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/68djfrbe6razdfh/A_Story_Told_%28MLP_Singing_Cover%29.mp3 NOTE: Please DO NOT use this audio without permission. More covers of this musical coming soon! #MyLittlePony #MLPSong #CountofMonteCristo
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Revenge (Trixie and Astelle Animatic)
"Revenge" comes from the 8th episode of the audio drama series Princess Trixie Sparkle. Trixie has come across a unicorn, called Astelle, who offers her a chance at revenge against Twilight Sparkle. Astelle as it turns out has a score to settle with Princess Celestia. Will these mares get their revenge? Watch Princess Trixie Sparkle to find out! FREE DOWNLOAD on our website: princesstrixiesparkle.webs.com Lyrics: Magpiepony Performed by: Magpiepony and Raechel Anderson Mixing: PegasusPitchVA Instrumental: "Le Bien Qui Fait Mal" by Mozart Opera Rock Animatic by: DragonRiderSC Heaps of thanks and praise to DragonRiderSC for her AMAZING animatic and continued support of Princess Trixie Sparkle! Astelle Here at last You’ll finally have your chance In your grasp The means to seek your vengeance You will see The life you should be living Free from Her oppressive regime You’ve been hiding in the shadows Waiting For the proper moment Now it’s time to attack the daylight And claim what’s rightfully yours! Chorus: She will fall and be crushed Under me Victim to my hate Revenge Then at long last I will feel some peace finally free from her lies Trixie: She will fall and be crushed (Astelle: She’ll be crushed) Under me Victim to my hate (Astelle: The sweetest revenge) Revenge Then at long last I will feel some peace finally free from her lies Astelle: Can you feel A new surge of power And at your hooves soon she will cower Deep inside You know that she must pay Revenge is the only way Trixie: For too long I’ve had to suffer Astelle: Justice For all of your pain Trixie: Living life is so much tougher Until she’s made to pay! Chorus: She will fall and be crushed Under me Victim to my hate Revenge Then at long last I will feel some peace finally free from her lies Trixie: She will fall and be crushed (Astelle: She’ll be crushed) Under me Victim to my hate (Astelle: The sweetest revenge) Revenge Then at long last I will feel some peace finally free from her lies I can feel my power returning A new purpose and direction to life Both: She will fall and be crushed Under me Victim to my hate Revenge Then at long last I will feel some peace finally free from her lies
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"A New Era Begins" Animatic (Princess Trixie Sparkle Episode 10)
Astelle’s grudge against Celestia began here so many years ago. A scorned Astelle returned to Equestria after she had stormed off, refusing to take Starswirl’s place and rule Equestria. She came back to confront him and demand that he remove his ‘curse’ on her – her immortality that came with her alicornhood. Soon after, however, she discovers that Starswirl the Bearded has made her younger sister Celestia an alicorn ruler in her absence. Her anger turns to full-blown rage as she takes out all of her aggression on the stallion. Celestia is his only hope for survival against this rampaging mare. OMG guys an ACTUAL MEMBER OF LINKIN PARK WATCHED THIS VIDEO AND THEN TWEETED ABOUT IT https://mobile.twitter.com/mikeshinoda/status/827014398984151040 Written by Me Performed by Me again :P Animatic by Marking Sound Editing by PegasusPitchVA Instrumental by Linkin Park “New Divide” Celestia by ItsAnnaChloem FREE download of this song can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fv1hrevjw15jg7y/A%20New%20Era%20Begins.mp3?dl=0 DO NOT USE THIS SONG OR VIDEO WITHOUT PERMISSION! This includes nightcore versions, reactions, translations, etc. Dubbing the song WITHOUT the visuals is okay :) Lyrics: I remember a time when I lived just to please you Following your plan to fulfill my destiny But now I understand what I couldn’t see then, You tried to fit me in that role But now I’m taking back control So bear my fury And bitterness For a heart that’s long made cold It’s time to recompense For the damage and the lies Bear my fury Take back your curse Release me from torment And soon Equestria will be free once again A new era begins It’s too late to run and hide And I won’t accept surrender It’s time you paid for your crimes And finally give me peace You’ve met your own demise And turned me into a monster You tried to fit me in that role and now I’m taking back control So bear my fury And bitterness For a heart that’s long made cold And soon Equestria will be free once again A new era begins All my pain And all my strife Lead back to you and your demise You can’t escape My punishment From this great evil deep inside You tried to fit me in that role But now I’m taking back control So bear my fury And bitterness For a heart that’s long made cold It’s time to recompense For the damage and the lies Bear my fury Take back your curse Release me from torment And soon Equestria will be free once again A new era begins (Celestia: NO!!) A new era begins (Starswirl: Stay strong, Celestia) A new era begins Celestia: (breaks into sobs)
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Yes You Can Lyric Video
AJ is convinced that Fluttershy is the only pony who can solve that pesky dragon problem... but she has to convince her to do it first! FREE download available on the Princess Trixie Sparkle website! princesstrixiesparkle.webs.com Lyrics: Magpiepony Performed by: GloryoftheRainWings and Magpiepony Edited by: Magpiepony and Itsannachloem Harmonies written by GloryoftheRainWings Instrumentals: "Good Girl" by Carrie Underwood
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"My Dear Luna" Animatic (Princess Trixie Sparkle Episode 10)
At long last the connection between Princess Luna and Shadow is revealed! Shadow, an extension of magic created by Astelle, was still an infant when Astelle was banished into the tapestry. He wanted to stay close to the tapestry but feared Celestia and her power. he took refuge in Princess Luna's shadow growing up with her like a brother. However, when she was banished to the moon Shadow had abandoned Luna, once again fearing Celestia's power. He lived the 1000 years without her in sorrow, wishing he had helped rather than let another pony he cared about be banished. He was too ashamed to face Luna when she returned to Equestria, which caused her great heartache. Written by Me Performed by PegasusPitchVA Animation by Dawnwisker and myself Art by Cascayd and myself Instrumental by Christina Perri "A Thousand Years Reprise" FREE download of this song can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c3rce3eqca7uq3r/My_Dear_Luna.mp3 DO NOT USE THIS SONG OR VIDEO WITHOUT PERMISSION! This includes nightcore versions, reactions, translations, etc. Dubbing the song WITHOUT the visuals is okay :) Vector credits: MLP Style Bush by X-Discord-X, Baby luna inspiration from mrs1989, Cloud by jaybugjimmies, Luna's Bedroom by GatesMcCloud, two sisters old castle background by Shezzy, Male Alicorn pose based on ‘the alicorn of my dreams’ by MyHandsAreCrazy, MLP Ancient Castle Throneroom / Chamber by Evilbob0, Filly Luna and teenage Celestia by PluckyNinja, MLP Style Kitchen BG by Rettro, Princess Luna overlooking by sunran80, Male Alicorn Base by alex951753, Browing Princess Luna by TheodoresFan Lyrics: A long time ago I found myself on my own Cold and afraid I needed somewhere to call home Then you Opened your hooves to me I’d found friend Somepony who could share my joys and woes Growing up by my side You were my world You were the one who held my heart My dear Luna I cherished every day we were together And we knew no matter what we had each other It was you and me I wish that it could always be ((Spoken)) ((Luna: Hey… who took my cookie!?)) ((Shadow: (mouth full) I dunno)) ((Luna: *giggles*)) ((Shadow: *giggles*)) Remembering All of the fun we had It brings me a smile All of the mischief and the wonderment Of watching you raise the moon I was so proud Why did that moment have to end? My dear Luna I cherished every day we were together And we knew no matter what we had each other It was you and me I wish that it could always be I wish that I could take us back To those moments Where there’s no pain and no betrayal Just love and laughter It was you and me I wish that it could always be ((Spoken)) ((Shadow: *watching tapestry and sniffles*)) ((Luna: Shadow… why are you sad?)) ((Shadow: I just miss someone that’s all… You’ll never leave me, will you Luna?)) ((Luna: Nuh uh! Never!)) I wish that it could always be ((Luna: How come you hide when other ponies are around?)) ((Shadow: I’m scared… they might not like me like you do…)) ((Luna: Why not?)) ((Shadow: Cuz I’m… different.)) ((Luna: Well I’m different too, and I like you!)) ((Shadow: I know Luna, I like you too.)) My dear Luna I cherished every day we were together And we knew no matter what we had each other It was you and me I wish that it could always be I wish that I could take it back And never leave you The time apart was killing me cuz I still loved you Even when you’d gone My love for you kept going strong ((Shadow: You said you’d never leave me, Luna! I can’t do this without you!)) #MLP #PrincessLuna #MLPSong
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Rarity's Daughter [MLP Next Gen Comic Dub]
Ever wonder what Rarity and Spike's daughter would be like? Although I typically don't ship Rarispike, I can't ignore how ADORABLE they and their little family are here! Crystal Clarity is the most adorable thing ever, don't you agree? "Roaring Rarity" by kilalaaa https://www.deviantart.com/kilalaaa/art/Roaring-Rarity-466218861 Other artwork by the same artist :) https://www.deviantart.com/kilalaaa/art/Random-Family-Moment-417030454 https://www.deviantart.com/kilalaaa/art/Proud-Mama-415812921 Rarity and Crystal Clarity by Magpiepony Adult Spike by WildcardVA Music Provided by OurMusicBox.com and Teknoaxe #MLP #MLPComic #MLPNextGeneration
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The Origins of the Stare - MLP Comic Dub
Comic by Beavernator http://beavernator.deviantart.com/art/The-Origins-of-the-Stare-468522185 Princess Celestia by me
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MLP Animatic - Who Broke It?!
Twilight is NOT happy, somepony broke the coffee maker, it's about time they fess up and tell the truth! Who broke it?? This amazing animatic was drawn by GG Christian!! Be sure and check out the original here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nowBFiIAYiw Twilight by IMShadow007 https://www.youtube.com/user/IMShadow007 Spike by Caitbug https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH6dxbc0kfA1Nw3XoMXeBPw Rainbow Dash and Applejack by TheLostNarrator https://www.youtube.com/user/thelostnarrator Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity by Magpiepony Original skit from "Parks and Recreation" #MLP #MyLittlePony #Brony
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“Fight Song” (Sung in MLP Voices) PMV
Twilight Sparkle and her friends have faced and conquered a lot of opposition and they will continue to do so because they know their friendship can withstand any threat. It’s only fitting that they too have a ‘fight song’ that can lift their spirits and the spirits of those around them! Big thank you to all of the collaborators who made this project possible. I really wanted to work with talented people I had not previously worked with, and every single one of them did an AMAZING job! Be sure to give them lots of love and praise for their contributions to this piece! This song is based on “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten Lyrics and Sound Editing by me ;) Video Editing by SimplyBoggsy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCveFtC5uHVVznRAvk9LY7Vg Art by Zelc-Face http://zelc-face.deviantart.com/art/Harmonic-Posse-333052835 Fluttershy performed by Chi-chi https://www.youtube.com/user/chisanaAi Rarity and Applejack performed by Sierra Nelson https://www.youtube.com/user/blahgah12 Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash performed by Nola Klop https://www.youtube.com/user/oonolaoo IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you wish to cover this song you may, but please do NOT use the video/visuals. Also, no PMVs using this audio please, I consider this a PMV already. Thanks! FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l6plzyobbu6rrn5/Fight%20Song%20MLP%20Version.mp3?dl=0 #MLP #MLPSong #PMV
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"The Light of Friendship" Animation (Princess Trixie Sparkle Episode 11)
This is an ORIGINAL song from Princess Trixie Sparkle episode 11. Rather than have lyrics on the screen, I have added close captioning for this song so that you can view it whichever way you'd like :) Trixie has finally learned what it means to be happy. She now has friends, and ponies that she cares about more than herself (which for Trixie is quite a feat). She knows without a shadow of a doubt that THIS is who she was meant to be, and she’s excited to learn and grow as the Element of Forgiveness. Written by Me Performed by Raechel Anderson Art and Animation by Me Instrumental by Jay Man WANT TO COVER THIS SONG? You are more than welcome to cover this song! I only ask that you please give credit to me, PegasusPitch, and Jay Man; AND link back to this video. THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION: Do not use this video to make nightcore versions (aka changing the speed and/or pitch of the original vocals and reposting it). Instrumental: https://www.mediafire.com/file/436eylav3fkh06w/The%20Light%20of%20Friendship%20Instrumental.mp3 FREE download of this song can be found here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6yh5ru8ub6kunc1/The%20Light%20of%20Friendship.mp3 Lyrics: Who’d have thought that all this time there was much more to me? I tried too hard to show I’m great That wasn’t meant to be It’s not a lesson easily learned when you find you are wrong But they never gave up hope; it was inside me all along Look at me now, I’m glowing See the light of friendship in my eyes; how it shines! I know with my friends I am home I have found my purpose in life On this journey I have found there’s more than bad or good The past may sting and leave a scar On those misunderstood But it wasn’t ‘til I gave up trying to claim a victory That I realized love would come along and finally set me free Look at me now, I’m glowing See the light of friendship in my eyes; how it shines! I know with my friends I am home I have found my purpose in life This world is not meant to be perfect Everypony has times they will fail But we have to move on and learn from it We can’t hold onto hate in our hearts ‘Cuz forgiveness will set us free if we let it And I know that now it’s my time
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After the events of "A Perfect Pear", Apple Bloom understands a little bit more about her past and her mother's love for playing the guitar. She teaches herself a song for her parents so that she can play it for them in her dreams. This animation was created by the incredibly talented Dark Gloones, and uploaded here with permission :) I was so honored to have my song animated and I think it just turned out amazing! Don't forget to show some love Dark Gloones way: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUrrAlyDk8u4lGLKmV2UGrQ Song Written and Performed by Me Instrumental by Jay Man Background and Puppets by RainDash https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmvFAFFeLqPCoxVePwmgDug Puppets by PoniesinReverse https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXAxVxkGqXK3A7irpOra9Kw
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A Mermare in Love (Pinkie Tales: The Little Mermare Song) EXTENDED VERSION
A song in Pinkie Tales?! That's a first! In Pinkie Pie's re-telling of "The Little Mermaid" (aka The Little Mermare) she stars as 'Partiel' the merpony princess in love with a pegasus. Twibastian tries to talk some sense into her, but Partiel's wild imagination has put her head in the clouds (so to speak). This version is the extended cut of the song straight out of "The Little Mermare" I sincerely hope you guys enjoy this, and if you're like me, it'll be stuck in your head for hours! NOTE: no use of this song or video can be used without permission with the exception of NONmonetized reactions linking back to this video and proper credit in the description, thanks! Music provided by Jay Man Lyrics and Editing by Magpiepony Partiel by Magpiepony Twibastian by GloryoftheRainWings FREE download of this song can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ndkslz5qrmm93dt/A_Mermare_in_Love_%28The_Little_Mermare_Song%29.mp3 Lyrics: What a wonderful feeling I have growing (Partiel, please don’t start) It’s a twitchy itchy warm sensation (I can feel a migraine) I don’t wanna live without it (But till now you didn’t know it!) And I simply cannot doubt it (and you really shouldn’t show it) There’s no denying that I’ve fallen for somepony (oi vey) I dream of living in the clouds and flying freely with him Nopony else can make me feel like I’m in love I wanna watch the sunset from way up high so far from all these rules! (The rules are what keep you safe!) Now that I have seen him I am convinced (Well that didn’t take much) He’s the pony I’m supposed to be with (How would you know?) Just you wait I’m gonna see him (You mean you have only SEEN him?) I can’t wait until I meet him (You haven’t actually met him?!) And even though we’re from two worlds we’ll be together ( Are you crazy?!) I dream of living in the clouds and flying freely with him Nopony else can make me feel like I’m in love I wanna watch the sunset from way up high so far from crabs like you! (Hey! Crabs are a noble species) I’m too young and stubborn to listen to you (At least you can admit it) Got my sights set and I won’t be deterred (No matter how I try) I don’t care about your logic (why can’t I make you see reason?) Being with him is like magic (You are getting under my skin!) A romance dreamed up like this cannot possibly fail! (Good luck with that) I dream of living in the clouds and flying freely with him Nopony else can make me feel like I’m in love I wanna watch the sunset from way up high just my Dashie and no-pony-else-could-ever-be-with-him-but me!
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UNDERTALE MUSIC VIDEO - Erase the Underground (Chara's Song)
IT'S BACK! Thank you everyone for your help and support, I am pleased to have this back on my channel for all to enjoy :) WARNING: Undertale Genocide Spoilers! Erase the Underground is an Undertale parody written to the tune of "Rainbow Factory (remix)" that is sung by Chara, the original fallen human who the main character, Frisk, is often mistaken for. I am a big fan of the Undertale game and fandom alike! When I heard this version of "Rainbow Factory" I knew right away I needed to parody it. Thank you to the lovely and talented TheLostNarrator for her incredible video editing skills! Lyrics and Performed by Magpiepony Sound Edited by Magpiepony Video Edited by TheLostNarrator "Rainbow Factory (Remix)" by TheLivingTombstone Chara - Magpiepony Flowey - Cole Petty (aka SonicRing123Dubs) Toriel - Magpiepony Papyrus - PegasusPitchVA Undyne - TheLostNarrator Sans - Rustic Shine Asgore - Gutiuserenade game footage by
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"Celestia and Luna Sisterhooves Social" MLP Comic Dub
So much improv xD Rae and I recorded this about a year ago and I completely forgot about it! We had waaaaaaaay too much fun with this one hehe Music from OurMusicBox.com The comic: http://tan575.deviantart.com/art/Sisterhoof-Social-Celestia-and-Luna-Commissioned-319843727 #MLP #MyLittlePony #MLPComic
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MLP ANIMATION "Creative Solution" Dub
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon think they can pull a fast one on our favorite wall-eyed mare? Well think again! Where there's a muffin, there's a way~ Special thanks to Double W Brothers for their permission to use their hilarious animation, I'm such a huge fan of their work! Please be sure to give the original some love and subscribe, they deserve it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q1mtIgSDsc All Vocals by Me Animation by Double W Brothers NO REACTIONS TO THIS VIDEO PLEASE Thanks :) #MLP #MyLittlePony #MLPAnimation
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The Changeling Rises (Chrysalis/Cadance Cover)
To the tune of "The Moon Rises" by the ever talented PonyPhonic, this song is Chrysalis's (In Cadance's body) response to "Lullaby for a Knight" where Cadance laments her imprisonment in the Canterlot Caves found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM3hLL3p4-M Song: "The Moon Rises" by PonyPhonic Lyrics: Magpiepony Performed by: Magpiepony Sound Edited by: PegasusPitchVA Both these songs take place before the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" in the second season of My Little Pony. As some of you may know, this song was orginally uploaded to my channel almost two years ago. It's really amazing to see how far I've come with making videos since then! Now, I'm not much of a Rarity, but I couldn't help myself; I had to design an outfit suitable for Queen Chrysalis, who I'm sure would be adorning herself in Canterlot's finest to assert her dominance and royalty. Coloring pages of this artwork are available! http://s1035.photobucket.com/user/magpiepony/media/Cadence-BallGown_zpsc368e447.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1035.photobucket.com/user/magpiepony/media/ShiningArmor_zps3f4b0cc1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1035.photobucket.com/user/magpiepony/media/lullabypic2_zps466b45fe.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2
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"The SCARIEST Costume" MLP Animatic Song
Happy Nightmare Night (Season) Everyone! I'm super excited and proud to present you this original song whose instrumental was written and created by the ever talented Truesailorcomet, be sure and shower her with some love, she did an AMAZING job! Want a high-quality download of this song? Become a patron! All patrons who pledge one dollar or higher will have access to this download! Be sure and check it out: https://www.patreon.com/magpiepony Lyrics Pinkie: There’s lots of spooky things that you can be for Nightmare Night, Dash! Come take a look see what’s in store, waiting to cause a chilling fright The scarier the costume, I have learned, the better the Nightmare Night You could be An ancient cursed mummy Wrapped up tight And you’ll be quite a sight! No? Plenty more things that you can wear, you could be the headless mare! Looking for candy and your head, it’s sure to cause some dread Or perhaps you’re better off dead A ghost or zombie always moaning and groaning How about a vampire Thirsting after Something sweet like candy or blood A cackling witch casting evil spells A demon straight from the depths of Don’t like these costumes? I’ve got more! to give you such a fright The scarier the costume, I have learned, the better the Nightmare Night A timber wolf who’s on the prowl For unsuspecting mares poised for her attack The grim reaper who’s come for your life A killer clown with a sharpened Half of the fun on Nightmare Night is all the tasty treats The other is scaring off the pants of everyone that you meet This is the night for playing tricks, showing off your greatest pranks! It’s all due to Nightmare Moon, we give her our thanks So what will it be, Dash, have you made up your mind yet? Better make a choice soon there’s candy that we must get! Of all the costumes I have seen there’s one that truly terrifies I think tonight i’ll go as the horrifying Pinkie Pie! Both: The scarier the costume, we have learned, the better the Nightmare Night Song Lyrics by Magpiepony Instrumental by Truesailorcomet Performed by Magpiepony as Pinkie Pie Performed by Purpleroselyn as Rainbow Dash Sound Editing by PegasusPitchVA and Magpiepony Intro background music by Teknoaxe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge7zPJZDFHY Artwork by Magpiepony Vector Credits: Pinkie and Rainbow Suits Vectored from Comics by masemj, Everfree Forest at Night backgrounds by 90sigma and albert238391, Zecora's Hut by Estories, Sugarcube Corner by flutterflyraptor, Nightmare Night Backgrounds by hellswolfeh and grievousfan, Graveyard by hotdiggedydemon, Castle by zutheskunk. #MyLittlePony #HalloweenSong #NightmareNight
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MLP Animation - Keyboard Ponies Part 2! (Brony Songs)
Bongo Cat is quite a popular meme these days, and I wondered, what would our favorite ponies do with songs we all know and love so well? Awesome Piano Compositions by Weimtime! https://www.youtube.com/user/WeimTime007 "Lullaby for a Princess" and "The Moon Rises" by Ponyphonic: https://www.youtube.com/user/ponyphonic "Lullaby for a Princess" Background from WarpOut's animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7PQ9IO-7fU "The Moon Rises" Background from Duo Cartoonist's Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2PCNKlddJY "Gypsy Bard" from Friendship is Witchcraft https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJI4dS-3rg-VrlN8kfSMQnw MLP Tarot cards commissioned by InsanePyro, created by Robd2003: https://www.deviantart.com/insanespyro https://www.deviantart.com/robd2003 "Fluttershy's Lament" by Flutt3rTree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5YfYtZ32d4 "Children of the Night" by Mad Hattress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYM4DgaQdu8 "Children of the Night" Background from Duo Cartoonist's Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW5n3k2VgZE "Pegasus Device" by SlyphStorm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzb76EFqZkg "Discord Remix" by TheLivingTombstone (Original by EuroBeat Brony) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPfMb50dsOk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDMGv3hNMes Animated by Magpiepony #BongoCat #MyLittlePony #Brony
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Flying Lessons Lyric Video (Princess Trixie Sparkle)
Spike has to make it to Cloudsdale to find the Wonderbolts but can't seem to figure out how to fly. Rainbow and Rarity have very conflicting ideas on how to teach him; which leaves some less than desirable results. FREE download of this song can be found on our website: www.princesstrixiesparkle.webs.com Lyrics: Gloryoftherainwings (with some minor assistance by Magpiepony) Performed by: Itsannachloem, Purpleroselyn, and Haste Dash Sound editing by: PegasusPitchVA Instrumental: "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift
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"Cupcakes and Rainbows" Grimdark MLP Song
WARNING: Implied violence and some scary sounds are present, this is not for the faint of heart. Viewer discretion is advised. This is an original song written for "Cupcakes" Pinkie (aka Pinkamena) and "Rainbow Factory" Rainbow Dash. They detail the joy and triumph of their twisted murderous ways through song and rap! A HUGE thank you to TheLostNarrator for her creative inspiration, vocal editing assistance, and of course for voicing Rainbow Dash. Written, performed, and edited by myself Music Courtesy of Jay Man Art provided by EbonyInkstone http://ebonyinkstone.deviantart.com/ Screams by: Neighrator Pony, Obabscribbler, Mary Medley, AstroBrony FREE Download of this track can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8zyrb479it851km/Cupcakes_and_Rainbows.mp3 NOTE: No usage of this video and/or song can be used without permission, this includes PMVs, reactions, etc. Anyone interested in its usage need to PM or email me and wait for a response. Thanks Lyrics: It’s not safe for ponies in Ponyville anymore… And the weaklings in Cloudsdale don’t fare well either There are monsters that live among us who kill without prejudice They lost their conscience long ago The sound of screaming The smell of blood Makes them feel… Alive Slicing, dicing, feeding your insides to ponies blinded by my smiles not knowing there’s a monster waiting for your number to expire I am the elite, no one can defeat, once your inside the factory that’s it, you’re done, kid, fed to the machine; spewing out a spectrum only second to me and my skill, of bringing them to kill, all the colts and fillies huddled close in fear, you threw away your chance to impress me, now there’s no way I’ll ever let you get free Chorus: I live for the wailing Their wings and hooves flailing, That sickening crunch of bone as it strikes against the chrome All their fears laid out before me Let’s carve and get a look see What’s hiding deep inside as I pull away their hide Bashing, slashing, sewing up a dress made from your pieces on the floor don’t worry they won’t go to waste my cupcakes are so sublime There’s nowhere you can run, the factory has won, your escape was over before it had begun keep trying, kid, I enjoy the chase; picking off your friends one by one nothing’s gonna stop me ‘til the job is done; ending in your death, and I can’t wait to see the Pegasus Device spewing out this waste who failed to fly, now it’s time to die Repeat Chorus
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Here Next to You - A Love Song for "Bride of Discord" (Improved!)
Here Next to You, the new and improved version with a FREE download! Thank you all so very much for 300 subscribers and for all the compliments and support you have given for both my songs and Princess Trixie Sparkle. I decided to celebrate the big 3-0-0 with a free download of this version of Here Next to You (better audio and synchronization) Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/oqmyppa7psycf91/Here+next+to+you+300+sub+special.mp3 I sure pay attention to the comments and questions on YouTube so let me know if free downloads would be something you'd like to have for all of my songs; including the soundtrack for Princess Trixie Sparkle. I have loved reading and watching the series "Bride of Discord" and it has inspired a song! I wrote this as a sort of love theme for the story. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to the incredibly talented Haste Dash for his amazing singing!! "Bride of Discord" is by the amazing DisneyFanatic2364 Song instrumentals come from "At the Beginning" by Donna Lewis and Richard Marx My Little Pony characters and art are the property of Hasbro
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Reversion - A Song for My Losty
This song has a bit of a back-story, it was about two years ago that Lost told me that "Reversion" by Myuuji was her all-time favorite instrumental. I gave it a listen a few times and realized it would be perfect for vocals. Given the hardships she was going through back then, I wrote it to help lift her spirits. When I showed it to her, she was overjoyed, all the tears! This song was what inspired her to make me "Against the World" the animatic years later for my birthday :) Yes, this is technically a re-upload from her channel FOREVER ago, but I wanted to revamp it and share it with you all here on mine! Things going on IRL for me have been a bit hectic, but I assure you that the content you're all waiting for is coming sooner than you'd think! -Magpie PLEASE NOTE: No usage of this song or video can be used without written permission from me. Just ask, please! Performed by me Edited by PegasusPitchVA Dedicated and Written for my Losty Instrumental belongs to Myuuji https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yStBbkG5bEQ “Reversion” Back to that peace Where pain will cease I’ve seen the light trapped behind your eyes I’ve seen the smile you have hid for years I know that pain that weighs you down I know that pain There’s a chance now for reversion There’s a way into the light I will guide you back from darkness I will bring you full delight Tonight Reversion Reversion back to Happiness But now with me It’s about time someone came along To pick you up and make you strong Banish the hurt harbored in your heart Banish the hurt There’s a chance now for reversion There’s a way into the light I will guide you back from darkness I will bring you full delight (Reversion) There’s a chance now for reversion (Banish hate) There’s a way into the light (Dull the pain) I will guide you back from darkness (Reversion) I will bring you full delight (Reversion) There’s a chance now for reversion (Reversion) There’s a way into the light (Reversion) I will guide you back from darkness (Reversion) I will bring you full delight
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Welcome to the Fashion World Lyric Video
Teaching Pinkie Pie about fashion might be easier said than done! This is the second song from Princess Trixie Sparkle episode two. Enjoy! Lyrics: Magpiepony Performed by: Itsannachloem and Magpiepony Music: "We Found Love in a Hopeless Place" by Rihanna
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[PMV] Princess Cadence's Backstory (The Crystal Heart Spell Song)
Princess Cadence finally reveals her past and how she became a princess in order to help Twilight realize her own potential. This backstory is given in the MLP chapterbook "The Crystal Heart Spell", and I loved it so much I decided to breathe some life into it by designing my own characters to narrate the story. Story by G.M. Barrow Lyrics and Performed by Magpiepony Twilight by Ashley H. Instrumental by Ourmusicbox.com A special thank you to my good friend PurpleBlackKiwi for assisting me with artwork :) #MLPSong #MyLittlePony #MLPSings
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Princess Trixie Sparkle Anniversary Special - Let the Adventure Begin!
New lyrics, sneak peak art, and amazing vocals-- this re-vamped theme song has it all! I can't believe it has been one entire year since the air of Princess Trixie Sparkle episode 1. I have enjoyed getting to know so many talented people and have been so honored to have the fans and the support that I do. Thank you SO much to every last one of you, I promise to make the next year just as magical! -Magpiepony FREE DOWNLOAD on our website princesstrixiesparkle.webs.com Performed by: Itsannachloem, Magpiepony, PurpleRoselyn, GloryoftherRainWings, Crick, Haste Dash Edited by: PegasusPitchVA Lyrics by: Magpiepony Video by: GloryoftheRainWings Song by: Owl City "When Can I See You Again"
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MLP Baby Comic "Lullaby for a Baby Princess" [Parody]
Baby Princess Celestia sings her sorrows for her sister who is now banished on the moon... or is she? Credits: Princess Celestia by Me Princess Luna by Chippa https://www.youtube.com/user/chippaUNiCORN Princess Big Mac by PegasusPitchVA https://www.youtube.com/user/ShadowPony12 Music Box Instrumental created on Musicboxmaniacs.com Midi used in part and inspired by UnyxMaedi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmCT2DpsdE4\ Original song by Ponyphonic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4tyvJJzSDk Vector Credits: Luna’s Room by Boneswolbach, Night background (partially) by tangaar, Moon background inspired by Sigmavirus, Baby ponies based on designs by Beavernator but drawn by me NO USE OF THIS AUDIO OR VISUALS IS PERMITTED without written consent. Thank you #MyLittlePony #MLPBaby #MLPComic
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"Against the World" [MLP Animatic]
Hey guys! It's TheLostNarrator. Tomorrow (August 21) is Mag's birthday and I'm hacking her youtube to upload my birthday present to her. She got impatient and wanted her present now XD Leave her some Birthday wishes and love! :D Also, make sure to check out everyone involved in this project. It wouldn't have been possible for Sketchy, Vylet, Sylver, Marking, and Boggsy. Thank you all again so much for this! :D CREDITS FOR “AGAINST THE WORLD” Animatic Original Song by: Morgan Page and Michael S. Directed by: TheLostNarrator Vocals by: TheLostNarrator Instrumental created by: Vylet Pony Song edited by: Vylet Pony Song produced by: Vylet Pony and Sylver Animatic Concept: TheLostNarrator and TrebleSketch Animatic Storyboarding: TrebleSketch Animatic art: TrebleSketch and Marking Video Editor: Simply Boggsy TheLostNarrator Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thelostnarrator Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheLostNarrator V y l e t P o n y Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MusiciansOfPonyville Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.magic.of.friendship/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/VyletPony Band Camp: https://vyletpony.bandcamp.com/ Tumblr: http://vyletpony.tumblr.com/ Sylver Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrqVceyjP4PtqRsiQNOZqjg Twitter: https://twitter.com/stripesylver Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.magic.of.alchemy/ TrebleSketch Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Simonsevillerocks1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrebleSketch Deviantart: http://vampanezelordess.deviantart.com Marking Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ultimumpower Deviantart: xXMarkingXx - http://xxmarkingxx.deviantart.com/ Simply Boggsy (Productions) Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/michael10905 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeBoggsy Tumblr: http://mikeboggsy.tumblr.com/ Deviantart: http://b0ggsy.deviantart.com/ OCs included: TheLostNarrator, Magpiepony, Vylet Pony, Sylver, TrebleSketch, GutiuSerenade Crimson319, Emogak, OblivionFall, PurpleRoselyn, Mary Medley, GloryoftheRainWings, Pinkie Rose, Scribbler, Reverbrony, Shadowring, Warriorcatcloudtail05, itsannachloem, Ashley H, Box Monster, Fatty, WildCardVA, Brittney Ackerman, Thornquill Audiofics, Amiki, WatchPony, IMShadow007, Gina M, LupiArts, Marking, SimplyBoggsy, Edward James, ChaoticSeven, Tranzmute, Persian Poetess, PegasusPitchVA, Raechel Anderson MP3 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bdsyv1d88odidwl/Against_The_World_%28TLN_x_Vylet_Pony_x_Sylver%29.mp3 #MyLittlePony #LostMag #TheLostNarratorandMagpiepony
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Son of Princess Luna (PMV)
There is a legend that tells of a gypsy mare who struck a deal with the Princess of the Night. In exchange for Luna's blessing for marriage, the mare promises Princess Luna her first born. Months later, a colt is born, and his mortal parents are shocked to discover he doesn't look like either of them; he is the son of Princess Luna. [WARNING: PG level violence implied in this song] Performed by Magpiepony Visuals by Magpiepony Sound editing by TheLostNarrator and PegasusPitchVA Original Song: "Hijo de la Luna" by Mecano “Blue Motion Background” by Sal Cardinale “Starry Night Sky Background” by ʚɞThỏ Bôngʚɞ “Moon and Misty Night Sky Motion Background” by Loki 3D “Design Effects - Magical Night - Background #4” by Backgrounds Effects Bases: ColorBlindBrony, RiakaPepsiPony, Equine_bases, n0sbmt, sarahmfighter, camiwin, erraticjester, Godoffury Cloud: MillennialDan Backgrounds: TeaganLouise #MLP #MyLittlePony #MLPSong
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Season 4 Finale Alternate Ending (MLP Comic Dub)
Here's a daily dose of adorable for you all! Don't forget to like and subscribe :D Comic: http://beavernator.deviantart.com/art/Season-4-Finale-Alternate-Ending-483739479 Tirek: https://www.youtube.com/user/xmleaderx2006 Luna: https://www.youtube.com/user/Raecheveycify Celestia: Me! Twilight Sparkle: https://www.youtube.com/user/IMShadow007 #Mylittlepony #MLPBaby #MLPComic
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MLP Animatic "I'll Keep Trying" (Scootaloo Sings)
This song represents overcoming things that try to hold us back, and looking up to someone who continues to cheer us on. I feel a lot like Scootaloo with all the stuff I've been going through on my channel and I wanted to focus my determination into something fun, cute, and incredibly catchy! ((plus animating this one was lots of fun tehe)) Lyrics, Performed, Art, and Animation by me~ Sound Editing by TheLostNarrator Instrumental provided by OurMusicBox.com Lyrics: I know I’m just a filly And my dreams may be silly But I know there’s somepony who’ll always be right here by my side She is like a sister I wanna be just like her She’s taught me how to be myself no matter what life throws at me I’ll show everypony That I can be the best me And someday I will fly up high beside Rainbow Dash in the bright blue sky Can’t you see me Flying faster? I will make her proud to be my sister Rainbow Dash reminds me To never give up on my dreams And never think it’s too hard to fight for what I believe So I know that someday My wings will take me away So long as I don’t give up and keep on trying again I’ll keep tryin’ And tryin’ And tryin’ again I’ll keep tryin’ And tryin’ And tryin’ And tryin’ again cuz I know If I wanna grow up to be like you I’m gonna have to find a way to follow through You taught me How to be True to myself Can’t you see me Flying faster? I will make her proud to be my sister Rainbow Dash reminds me To never give up on my dreams And never think it’s too hard to fight for what I believe So I know that someday My wings will take me away So long as I don’t give up and keep on trying again Credits Vector - Dragon Quest Frame by The-Mystery-Of-Doom Scooter by Scootaloo24 Commander Dash Era Wonderbolts Poster by Syekun Mlp Background by ikillyou121 Cloud Vector by GuruGrendo4 MLP-Sky Background 2 by MusicFireWind ponyville outskirts by matty4z Pointy Pony puppet and background by Estories #MyLitlePony #MLPSong #MLPAnimation
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Ponyville Needs Help Lyric Video (Princess Trixie Sparkle)
This song comes from Princess Trixie Sparkle Episode 7 Trixie bites off more than she can chew when she and the mane 6 come back to Ponyville and discover every pony is panicking about strange occurances that have affected the weather and the animals... Performed by: Colgate - KimDanielsVA https://www.youtube.com/user/Warriorcatcloudtail5 Caramel - TheMusicReborn https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMusicReborn Berry Punch - Brittney Ackerman https://www.youtube.com/user/Grrdrr1 Noteworthy - Moises https://www.youtube.com/user/xmleaderx2006 Bonbon - TheLostNarrator https://www.youtube.com/user/thelostnarrator Lyra - Emogak https://www.youtube.com/user/TheEmogak Vinyl Scratch - TheLostNarrator Octavia - ObabScribbler https://www.youtube.com/user/ObabScribbler Derpy - GloryoftheRainWings https://www.youtube.com/user/GloryOfTheRainWings Thunderlane - SpeedyTempo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvSLuYSiwdIOI68ZLFWPpUQ Apple Bloom - Magpiepony Big Mac - PegasusPitchVA https://www.youtube.com/user/ShadowPony12 Scootaloo - GloryoftheRainWings Sweetie Belle - Mary Medley (Carmen) https://www.youtube.com/user/xMaryMedleyx Golden Harvest - Mica https://www.youtube.com/user/MeSingingPrincess Roseluck - Pinkie Rose https://www.youtube.com/user/nhiduong2244 Mrs Cake - Emogak Mr Cake - PegasusPitchVA Mayor Mare - ItsAnnaChloem https://www.youtube.com/user/itsannachloem Trixie - Raechel Anderson https://www.youtube.com/user/Raecheveycify (Rainbow Dash - TheLostNarrator) (Rarity - ItsAnnaChloem) (Applejack - GloryoftheRainWings) (Fluttershy - Magpiepony) (Pinkie Pie - Magpiepony) Lyrics - Magpiepony Song - "It's a Hard-Knock Life" from the musical "Annie"
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Princess Trixie Sparkle Episode 10 Trailer!
Long awaited and highly anticipated episode 10 is on its way and it. will. be. EPIC! Thank you SO much to the wonderful Draft the Filmmaker for this incredible trailer! Check out his other amazing trailers and content: https://www.youtube.com/user/ActionMovieBuff Music: Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Nothing Else Matters
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MLP "Soaring with Stars" ANIMATED Original Song [PMV]
In this original song; Queen Galaxia, Princess Luna's mother, teaches her daughter of the beauty of the night so that one day Luna can take her place. Since then, Luna has never forgotten why she loves the night and remembers her mother fondly. Lyrics, Performance, Editing, Animation, and Art by Me (Magpiepony) Sound editing by PegasusPitchVA Instrumental by Jay Man Queen Galaxia design by SpyrotheFox Grown Luna Vector by dashiesparkle, Young Luna Vectors by aleximusprime, ulyssesgrant, missgoldendragon, and starlyk. Galaxia poses based on vectors by 90sigma, misterlolrus, theshadowstone MLP night background (in part) by flita NO USE OF THIS AUDIO OR VISUALS WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION with the exception of unmonetized reactions. Thanks FREE download of this song here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dhkb30yotd5te1v/Soaring%20with%20Stars%20.mp3 Want to do a cover? PLEASE follow the rules: 1. Please credit myself for the orginal song and lyrics, and Jay Man for the instrumental 2. Do NOT use my visuals or video for your cover please Link to the Instrumental: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bu6koovjkpo08k4/Soaring%20with%20Stars%20Instrumental.wav Galaxia: This is your place, under night sky and stars Bathed in the moonlight, the heavens are ours Soon I must leave you, to their charge and care But always remember, that I’m with you there Both: Soaring with stars Luna: I love this place, it’s my own dream come true I can’t wait to show them, and share this great view I won’t disappoint you; just wait and you’ll see But I’ll always remember that you’re here with me Both: Soaring with stars Let everypony Share in our love of the night Galaxia: This soft lit kingdom I leave to you And I know you’ll care for it like I care for you Luna: Your legacy follows Wherever I go I look to the moon And my heart is aglow Grown-up Luna: I won’t disappoint you, just wait and you’ll see But I’ll always remember, that you’re here with me Both: Soaring with stars #MLP #MyLittlePony #MLPSong
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Dr. Pinkie and Miss Pie ALIVE cover (Pinkie Singing Version)
This remarkable animatic was created by Ink Pott Creations; please check out their version as well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pre0v7wtWvQ I tried to make a free download but was blocked when it said the work was copyrighted D: Sorry guys! I'll try to find another way to make it available :) The remarkable sound editing was done by my good friend XMLeaderx2006 https://www.youtube.com/user/xmleaderx2006 Miss (Pinkamena) Pie Vocals by Me ^^ I made it on EQD!! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/08/music-of-day-367.html#more
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Long Live Princess Trixie (Lyric Video)
This one was a lot of fun to write/make. I think the singers did a FANTASTIC job and this has certainly become one of my favorites in the series! FREE download of this song can be found on our new website! http://princesstrixiesparkle.webs.com/ Lyrics: Magpiepony Performed by: Itsannachloem, Raechel Anderson, and Gloryoftherainwings Instrumentals: "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence
Views: 633791 Magpiepony
MLP Character Impressions! (32 Pony Voices, Only One Magpie)
32 characters recorded without a break? Buckle up kids this is gonna get fun~ Join Equestria Amino and check out other communities: http://aminoapps.com/c/equestria/join Follow me: Magpiepony http://aminoapps.com/p/252mu List of Impressions: 1. Pinkie Pie 2. Fluttershy 3. The Great and Powerful Trixie 4. Apple Bloom 5. Scootaloo 6. Diamond Tiara 7. Maud Pie 8. Marble Pie 9. Limestone Pie 10. Derpy 11. Mrs. Cake 12. Pound and Pumpkin 13. Princess Celestia 14. Princess Luna 15. Princess Cadence 16. Fleur de Lis 17. Spike 18. Mayor Mare 19. Aria Blaze 20. Adagio Dazzle 21. Sonata Dusk 22. Ocellus 23. Smolder 24. Silverstream 25. Yona 26. Granny Smith 27. Queen Chrysalis 28. Suri Polomare 29. Miss Cheerilee 30. Sugar Belle 31. Tree Hugger 32. (A surprise ;) ) Music provided by Ourmusicbox.com
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"Bath Time" Baby MLP Comic Dub
Isn't Baby Cadence adorable?? The origin of Crystal ponies is revealed! hehe The Comic: http://beavernator.deviantart.com/art/Bath-Time-476028075 Princess Luna: https://www.youtube.com/user/Raecheveycify ((SPOILER: No wonder Princess Flurry Heart is so adorable! Can't wait to see MLP Season 6 :D)) #MLP #MLPBaby #MLPComic
Views: 4638644 Magpiepony
My Little Pony Impressions... When I'm Sick
Sore throat, stuffed up nose, guess it's time to record! I've always wanted to hear what I sound like in pony voice when I'm sick... and I'm not disappointed xD Impressions: Pinkie Pie Trixie Rarity Apple Bloom Scootaloo Rainbow Dash Princess Celestia Princess Luna Pound and Pumpkin Cake (or just babies in general) Granny Smith Fluttershy Spike Tree Hugger Music by OurMusicBox.com #MLP #MyLittlePony #VoiceReel
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Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's Embarrassing Photo Album! [MLP Comic Dub]
Celestia and Luna will never be able to live this down! Comic by Tan575: https://www.deviantart.com/tan575/art/MLP-The-Photo-Album-Commissioned-361487456 Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna by Chippa Princess Celestia and “Mother” by Magpiepony Music provided by Teknoaxe #MLP #PrincessCelestia #PrincessLuna
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The Weight of the Crown Lyric Video
Here is the first of the Lyric video/Sing-a-long versions of the songs from Princess Trixie Sparkle. I loved working with the oh-so-talented Raechel Anderson on this one, she has a fantastic voice and an overwhelming presence as the Princess of the Night! Lyrics: Magpiepony Vocals: Raechel Anderson Music: "Because the Night" by Patti Smith FREE download on our website princesstrixiesparkle.webs.com
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MLP Animatic "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!" (Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich Cover)
Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich are at it again with this My Little Pony rendition of "Anything You Can Do" From the musical "Annie Get Your Gun". PegasusPitch and I covered this song as Pinkie and Cheese YEARS ago and when I was looking back over some old videos... let's just say I took it down and swept it under the rug where it will never see the light of day again. My Pinkie has gotten sooooo much better over the years xD Rather than just a plain ole redux, I've busted my butt to make it an animatic! Hope you all enjoy! Pinkie Pie by Magpiepony Cheese Sandwich by PegasusPitch Sound Editing by Magpiepony and PegasusPitch Animatic by Magpiepony Instrumental by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_4gR4x0qCg #MyLittlePony #MLPSong #MLPAnimatic
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Always Together Lyric Video
No matter what challenges these 7 friends face, they will always do it together! This is actually one of my favorite songs, it ended up really beautiful and I think the cast did a fantastic job! Lyrics: Magpiepony Performed by: Itsannachloem, Gloryof therainwings, Crick, Emogak, Haste Dash, and Magpiepony Instrimentals: "Us" by Regina Spektor
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Praises for Princess Twilight Lyric Video (Princess Trixie Sparkle)
When Trixie plans a Gala she makes sure to go over the top with it! After all, what is more grandeous than guards who sing your praises as your adoring public comes to greet you? Performed by: PegasusPitchVA https://www.youtube.com/user/ShadowPony12 and Xigbarassassin https://www.youtube.com/user/xigbarassasin Lyrics: Magpiepony (with some assistance from BroadwayBrony) Instrumental: "Prince Ali" from Disney's Aladdin FREE download of this song can be found on our website: Princesstrixiesparkle.webs.com This song is dedicated to one of the greatest television comedians and actors of all time, R.I.P. Robin Williams PTS misses you!
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MLP Baby Comic "I Wanna Be A Princess Too!"
Sunset Shimmer wants to be a princess too! Surely since Princess Celestia is making more princesses left and right, she'll make Sunset one too... right? Comic, art, vocals, and editing by Magpiepony Artwork inspired by Beavernator #MLP #MyLittlePony #MlpBaby
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"Sorrowful, Regretful" Animation
The talented Mizuki Hikawa has made an AMAZING MMD-Style animation to one of the most popular and beloved songs in Princess Trixie Sparkle History! Please check out their channel and give a like and subscribe, they deserve all the praise for this wonderful piece! (video uploaded here with permission of course :)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdlpvx23-5E PTS 10 is on the horizon, what better way to wait than with some PTS music awesomeness? Projected release is still "fall" which means within the forseeable future ;)
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MLP "Baby Rainbow Factory" Animation/Animatic
Adorableness all the way to the Pegasus Device! I thought it would be appropriate in the month of scares to give a dose of adorable with a 'dash' of creepy ;) Don't forget to check out the baby parody of "Cupcakes" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IENC1xQjmm8 Please ask before using this video/audio (for reactions, etc) Additional Credits: Various baby vectors by the talented Beavernator Book by MisterAibo, Fancy Hat by craftybrony, Discord Plushie by SketchMCreations, Canterlot Room by BonesWolbach, Sugar Cube Corner Kitchen by BitterPlagueRat, MLP Style Cupcake by StarshineCelestalis, Ponyville Background 1 by Scootaloooo, Filly fluttershy vector by TheMightySqueegee, Cloudsdale Rainbow Fountains Background by mandydax, MLP paint brush by Pikamander2 Music provided by OurMusicBox.com and a snippet of "Rainbow Factory" by Wooden Toaster #MLP #MLPBaby #RainbowFactory
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Applejack's Miracle - MLP Comic Dub
Applejack is facing a terrible dilemma this cider season, and it will take a little miracle for her to make it through! I absolutely love the lore in this comic, that butterflies have magical properties like that, and that wing design is so perfect too! This comic was just too uplifting and cute not to bring to life and I'm so grateful to Chippa and TheLostNarrator for helping me do just that :) Applejack and Rainbow Dash by TheLostNarrator Twilight Sparkle by Chippa Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and the caterpillar by Magpiepony Comic by Uotapo https://uotapo.deviantart.com/art/The-Caterpillar-Returns-527022817 Music provided by OurMusicBox.com #MLP #MyLittlePony #MLPComic
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MLP Baby Comic "Magical Outbursts"
Baby unicorns sure have OP magic powers don't they? I'm surprised babies aren't running all of Equestria! Comic by Me Vocals: PegasusPitch and Myself Art: Myself, Beavernator, dm29, and Various from Derpibooru Music: Technoaxe #MLP #MyLittlePony #MLPBaby
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