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Lps high school part 1
Hey im rewriting a new chapter now so im going to start off with high school dramas
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Lps:*Unboxing*||EXTRA LPS||From:Lps Queen
I hope you guys enjoyed I may open up a P.O. Box I'm not fully sure.Also there will be some teasers of the new series.This Series will not be taken down for no other reason.Also guys.You should definitely check their website. They have Lps for awesome prices!!~
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Lps:Someone Like You~ Meme
Lol Lps Series Coming VERY SOON UWU
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My Animal Jam - Play Wild! (READ DESC)
Subscribe To My Animal Jam Channel For Shout Outs!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8gPDxw4P2c_B-AsM1B2bLw
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Lps:Snowed In||Episode 1:"Big News!"
The Story begins off with a family called the Rae family.Their father named Zachary Rae has come home from a busy day at work in the office.He comes home to see his two daughters named Leah and Lilli. Also his wife named June.They all father and hug it out and Mr.Rae gifts them with purses something else.Watch to the end to figure out what it is......:3 -MixShake
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Blooper Of Upcoming Video
Coming out tommorow
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Lps:The Pepper Show(Ellen Show Reference)Episode:1
Hi Everyone,I Plan on uploading every friday so the show will be up on friday at 8 EST.So make sure to have tht bell ready to watch some high school Drama.
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