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Lps high school part 1
Hey im rewriting a new chapter now so im going to start off with high school dramas
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Lps:The Pepper Show(Ellen Show Reference)Episode:1
Hi Everyone,I Plan on uploading every friday so the show will be up on friday at 8 EST.So make sure to have tht bell ready to watch some high school Drama.
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Lps:Youth Episode 1||New Beginnings
!!BTW I'm filming with a new phone!!!Comment how gud the quality was or if needed improvements!! Hi guys I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to like comment and subscribe and in the comment section let me know if you guys want me to start making music videos on YouTube because I would be gladly thankful if you guys can request that because I really do want to start filming music videos and I also am planning a music video for My 100 subscribers special and yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed that video and make sure to like comment and subscribe and click that bill to be notified when I do videos and when LPS Youth come out bye guys
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Blooper Of Upcoming Video
Coming out tommorow
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LPS:The Truth......😕
I hope everyone can understand make sure to subscribe to my new channel called Orangie,it has a photo of a orange tan like cat.
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Let's Play MineCraaaaffft 😆
Watch me play Minecraft: Pocket Edition!
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