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Buck Naked and The Bare Bottom Boys Horny Pig
A short animated film clip I made for the Buck Naked and The Bare Bottom Boys song Horny Pig. This was for a Flash project at school. Check out my blog at http://dkfabris.blogspot.com
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Short After Effects Cartoon. Features a song called "Bodyslam" by a band called Estradasphere. You should check them out.
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Ask Spank the Monkey
Need advice? Ask Spank the Monkey! This was school lip synching assignment. Spank the Monkey (c) 2011 Dan Fabris (please don't steal my monkey...)
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Reservoir Mutts
Parody of Reservoir Dogs. Another school animation assignment. Cheers for checking it out!!
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Ninja Slam
Firstly, thanks to the amazing God of Shamisen for very kindly letting me use their music for this piece. Check them out at http://www.godofshamisen.com/ This was a school rotoscoping assignment, it was designed to loop so it plays through twice.
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Sequence 01 1
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Flash Project from school. My first ever attempt at frame-by-frame animation. It's designed to loop, so it plays through a few times. Cheers for checking it out!
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Schrodinger's Cat
Schrodinger's Cat re-imagined as a big budget Hollywood movie. This is pretty fucking retarded really... Features music by Melvins & Lustmord and Iron Maiden. NB: This video deliberately completely misses the point of Schrodinger's thought experiment, it was the point of the cartoon! Plus I'm way too dumb to understand stuff like that anyways...
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