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Wizard101 Episode 1: Wizard City, Part 1: Tutorial
Galinndan Dawnfire returns to the game that started his unprofessional gaming career: Wizard 101! He will be playing this, leading up to the release of the next game in this series... Pirate 101! He will now stop refering to himself in the first person. Sorry about that. I really love this game, and I recommend it to all of you out there. It is family friendly, and it has puns and references made not just for those between 8 and 12. I suggest that you at least try it to get a good feel on how the game works, and then see if you like it!
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The Elemental Pirates part 3
Dragonhound finds out the secret of the abandoned villages curse: and talks of digging up dead bodies to help him do it.
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The Elemental Pirates part 1.
Sorry about the ending. My movie editor was very picky about the length of videos uploaded to youtube. Thank all of you for watching my video as i have yet to make a name for myself. Here is the forum page for the Elemental Pirates: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/851321-advparkourstorysinglemulti-the-elemental-pirates-2700-downloads/page__hl__adventure+map And let me know if you want the link to Nerdboy's Battlegear mod.
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Wizard101, Episode 4: Wizard City, Part 4: Ravenwood; Rosencranz and Guildenstern are alive!
After being a general hero to Wizard City, Rogan Dragonflame finally gets to see the facilities in which he shall be learning magic. He then proceeds to meet Rosencranz and Guildenstern, who are supposed to be dead.
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Wizard101 Episode 5: Wizard City, Part 5: Cyclops Lane, Part 1: Bippity, Boppity BLAH!!!
The only way to explain the title is for you to watch the actual video. I am sorry to say this, but around half of this is just me yelling at my terrible internet connection.
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Cubeception part 1.
This is a playthrough of a post-cataclismic world, where everyone USED to live in a giant storage facility simply known as "Cube". Here is the link to the forum page: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/535944-110advparkescape-the-cubeception-reloaded-22-000-dls-new-version-of-classic-adventure-map/page__hl__adventure+map If you want to suggest a map, then i will accept all suggestions and read all comments.
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The Elemental Pirates part 2.
A treasure hunt with traps and puzzles that could ultimately lead to the demise of our brave hero: Dragonhound!!!
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Portal 2 Part 1-I'm baa-aack!
After a long time in stasis, our hero Galinndan has found himself in Aperture Labs. awoken by a strange sphere with an australian accent. He has also apparently been taken out of his preferrable masculine elven form and polymorphed into a female human...
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Portal 2 Part 2- She's BAA-AACK!!!
Our newly feminized hero is faced once again with an old and terrible foe who shall have 'her' test for the rest of 'her' life, or 60 years, which ever comes first.
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Cubeception part 4
As Dragonhound still searches for a way to escape his seemingly eternal prison, he boldly goes where no man has gone before.
Portal 2 part 3: The return of testing!
Galinndan Dawnfire in his newly feminine body makes his way through the testing facilities of Aperture labs, in hopes that at some point the writers of the plot give him a way to escape and defeat GLaDoS again!
Cubeception part 3
In a world, where one man must fight with cubic gods to survive, Dragonhound traverses the treacherous depths of the ruins of the CUBE!!! As well as discovering new places, he also discovers his true abilities...
Cubeception part 2.
As i discover the failure of my parkour skills, i also learn of the hard, pitiful lives of the people in the lower city.
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Skyrim part 2- Bleak Falls Barrow
Galinndan takes his new elven incarnation for a spin against zombies and bandits and spiders. He is supplied the location for training by his good friends at the riverwood trader.
Cubeception part 5
Finally! if this is atually uploaded then you guys will have witnessed a miracle! My laptop has not been successfully uploading videos lately, and i hope this is now fixed
My first Youtube Publication
Please have pity on me, i am new to the world of all things involving on-screen recordings. I hope to increase in skill as i do in experience. And as i have said in the video, thank you for watching my video. It really means a lot to me.
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Wizard101 Episode 2: Wizard City, Part 2: Unicorn Way, Part 1: FAIRIES!!!
I play through a portion of Unicorn way, and save a bunch of Fairies. I battle ghosts and dark sprites, and meet an angel. I hope that however many of you there are watching this enjoy it.
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Wizard101, Episode 3: Wizard City, Part 3: Unicorn Way, part 3: Side Quests and Skeletons.
I finish the main storyline quests in Unicorn way, and then proceed to beat up a bunch of skeletons, and go down the Yellow brick road.
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Skyrim Episode 1- Apprentice mage once more.
And the scrolls have foretold, of black wings in the cold, That when brothers wage war come unfurled! Alduin, bane of Kings, ancient shadow unbound, with a hunger to swallow the world! Hearing that tune in the first moments of his new elven life, Galinndan once more sets out on a quest to smite evil and learn magic! I hope you guys enjoy this series, and have the patience to sit through the entire first episode.
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