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The power of love - Frankie acoustic cover
The power of love frankie goes to hollywood cover on my 12 string, done a while ago but its alright in my opinion so I have posted it :)
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Yamaha FGX-412C-12BL Angie Rolling Stones by Stephen
My Son playing a bit of Angie by The Stones, guitar sounds nice when he plays it :)
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Imagine live cover & life pics of John Lennon!
imagine john lennon cover on my Epiphone Hummingbird, never before has a song had a more poignant message of what is happening right now here in Britain too! No religion too!!!
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That's Entertainment - The Jam - 12 string guitar cover
That's Entertainment The Jam cover on 12string electro / acoustic guitar through my Roland cube street busking amp, pretty raw but I love doing this song
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Paul Weller cover, You do something to me
Pub acoustic gig Very quiet venue Sunday afternoon gig in Glasgow but what a privilege to be able to perform this Weller classic 'You do something to me' I don't gig there anymore, just too quiet and pretty much when it has been busy though appreciative it is not the right crowd for what I do. Short period I decided to wear headphones instead of my usual ear monitors, no need it turned out because it was pretty empty in there so I could hear myself well without any monitors :) 23rd Sept 2012 gig bit old video but worth uploading I believe.
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30 Minutes Guided Meditation - and my kneeling bench
On my new kneeling bench I do a 30 minute Anapanasati (mindfulness of the breath) meditation and overdubbed a good guided meditation nicked of the internet :) Something I do every day, I just sit and feel my breath go in and out for 30 minutes (that is my minimum) and I have done that every day since 2014, I have previously meditated but always given up but not this time, brilliant results, every day is great :) The kneeling bench helps me feel my breath better so it makes it harder for my mind to drift elsewhere. The benefits are too many for me to list, they are endless!
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Ticket to Ride cover father and son
Me and my son playing on this so we could get better guitar and harmonies :) When I do this on my own I just hold the E and extend to E7 where the lead guitar little riff is. All good fun
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What a day for a daydream - 6 string acoustic and vocal live take
What a day for a daydream - 17 July 2018 live recording with errors:) My dogs one a pup running around on a lovely day. Recorded with my Epiphone Hummingbird, Shure SM58 mic about 20yrs old. Nearly fluffed the last words infact I did but I do that live anyway haha
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Happy Together Turtles cover - live gig - Glasgow Audience
Happy Together Turtles cover live gig - Glasgow Audience Gig from a while back cover Happy Together and a bit of fun with the crowd when folks actually came in the pub!, most of the Afternoon the pub had maybe three people in at best. Bit pitchy in parts but not too bad. This gig was in Glasgow, Scotland.
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Sensational - *Good* Original song
Sensational - Original song written a while back recorded live on my 6 string electro/acoustic guitar and vocal and my dogs at a fire at night, this song is copywritten to myself. Unfortunately the older dog is no longer with us :), the young dog is still doing well :)
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