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Elena Gilbert | I could really use a wish right now
'And it seems like yesterday it was just a dream, But those days are gone, they're just memories' screams Elena Gilbert to me. Eminem is such a god haha I made this ages ago but due to my laziness i could not be bothered to render. So some of the recent episodes are not shown. Lordddd have meercccyy on myy lazzyy soull comment please :)
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One tree hill | Tears of an angel [3x16]
'Cover my eyes, Cover my ears. Tell me these words are a lie'. Read for Dedications & more. I cannot describe how much this episode means to me, its so powerfully scripted, the acting was outstanding, and it was completely unexpected, no where near played out. Hope you all enjoy! Please comment. FUCK the glitches-_-. Youtube is bitchy. in the end lucas says 'IS IT, your name' not 'your name'fdsijfkgjd screw my life.
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The vampire diaries | So Cold
Watch in HD and read db for info! This episode isn't just based on 4x15. Its based on other episodes, that include death and stuff (lool, bad term there). But its mainly based on the characters that suffered the most from Jeremy's death (Bonnie and Elena mainly), and other deaths. I tried to include Tyler as much as i could towards the end as i realized that i didn't include him in the video, and that sucked a bit since even though i love Klaroline, i love him as a character. I wish he was in the episode, i felt it was sloppy writing on the writers part since Klaus wasn't even in the episode, so it would of been necessary if they gave him like a scene or something. I tried to include Klaus, and Rebekah as well, as i feel like they have suffered a lot as well. The scene when both Damon and Stefan say the love each other in their own Salvatore way was sooooooooo cute (defan ftw). I had to include it. And when Stefan was the only one who looked back at the house burning down, i think it was tvd's way of saying that Stefan was her past and he was willing to accept that Damon maybe her future not to mention that Stefan cherishes his memories and constantly looks back at his past, and considering the fact that his original home was destroyed v i think there was a connection. Not only that but when he said 'One day, if this is all over, you're gonna want to go back home' I think its because he's been through that, they all have. They all were ruthless at some point but then after that, they wanted to go back home, and had this huge bag of regrets on their shoulders. This video, really was hard to make in the equivalent of a day and a half. I felt the song suited the episode so much omfg, 'The house no longer, feels like home' = Elena Gilbert. Points to all the cast though, who were in this episode, their acting was perfection. Especially Nina and Kat :). Matt's scene was so emotional oh my.. his breakdown in his car reminded me off 3x22 when he found at Tyler was 'dead', or even Elena's breakdown in her car in season 1 when Vicki died. There are so many parallels, this episode has, and i wish i pointed out all of them, but i still pointed out a few :) Please Comment! This video was so hard to make and i really want feedback!! Thank you so much (': Info: Fandom: The Vampire Diaries. Characters: All Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcyB6-4KcTo
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Cook&Effy | Somebody that i used to know
This version of the song suits CE so much haha, its upbeat and has that edgy vibe. Lindsey Pavao did an excellent job. This video is dedicated to CamGGsweden. She's such a huge CE shipper - possible one of the biggest i know. -All information at the end of the video.
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Draco Malfoy | Lost along the way
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ayawbu_ Coloring credit: Nicoleprodz
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jack/rose | orpheus/eurydice
God, I love Greek myths. Voice over is from Elieneg's delena video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMXFkeD_rnA. So check that out! Its stunning, especially if you're a delena fan :)
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No man is an island..
'No man is an island, this I know'. the colouring belongs to http://www.youtube.com/user/sparksfly221 x Information: Fandom: The Vampire Diaries Song: Ben Howard - Black Flies Special Credit: Anja (Sparksfly221)
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Skins | Fire/Rise (AU)
Purely fanmade. Read db for the plot.Oh my god Jamie Brittain watched this! No fucking way, i am s o gassed Video inspired by this tumblr post: http://whatisyourchildhoodtrauma.tumb... Cook avenges Freddie by killing foster, (shooting him). Right after he does so, he goes to Effy and tells her, whilst this is happening the police are after Cook and raid Naomi's house. Both Cook and Effy find themselves leaving town together and embarking on another journey and living a life of scheming, clubbing, drugs, and crime. Scamming rich folk out of their money and Cook going on missions with gangs and drug lords. Both usually celebrate their success with fancy dinners (with his boss and crew), clubbing and madness (the bar fight). However, they don't live their lives at full mental peace. Both find themselves reminiscing over old times and missing Freddie. Cook usually breaking down and Effy hallucinating. Cook still has his run ins with the law and Effy always defends him in court. Although Effy stresses over Cook when he goes on his 'missions' he always comes back and she always lights up. One day they buy their own massive home and Effy falls pregnant, both having a son together whilst living their lives blissfully and accepting Freddie's death as he is finally at peace (beach scene). Clips used: Skins, Skins trailer The Runaway (JOC), Dive (JOC), Eden Lake (JOC). Shank (KS), True Love (KS), The Ruskins - Old Isleworth (KS), Plan B music videos (KS), POP 108 (KS). Song: Snow Petrol - Lightening Strike
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Cook|Effy ; When a tornado meets a volcano
HD. It was like HELL to render and complete-_-; Ignore the glitches, sony vegas is just being a fag. Manips are all made by me, but were inspired by dazzleme7. heck , this whole video was inspired by her :'). comment please.
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Klaus&Caroline | Lost along the way
I love this soundtrack.. but i hate this video. I worked on it with no inspiration, but i truly LOVE the coloring..! Best tvd coloring i ever used, Full credit goes to ; Victoria666100 Anyways, this video is sort of how they both got lost in their journey, like how everything got so fucked up. Its not my best but feedback would be awesome. Please leave a comment :). -Aya p.s working on a collab with madebydidi & roundviewcollabs -info at the end of the video. sorry for the glitches! second time.. wtf is up with sony vegas these days?
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Jack&Rose | Never let me go (Titanic)
Voiceovers: 3:05 Jack :"Rose you know me!" 3:07 Rose: "I'm not leaving this ship with out you". 3:15 Rose: "You jump i just right?" 3:20 Jack: "I figure life is a gift, and i don't intend on wasting it". 3:35 Rose (older version): "Now you know there was a man, named jack dawson, and he saved me, in every way a person can be saved, he exists now.. only in my memory." 4:00 "Jack: Never let go" Rose: i will never let go jack."
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Jack&Rose | The boy LOVED his Comet
The boy saw a comet and suddenly his life had meaning.
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Katerina Petrova | Just a lost girl  (BFV)
Decided to put this back on public.. Lool excuse the crappy editing ►Coloring : [xsilvertutorials] ►Fandom : [The vampire diaries] ►Song : [saving peyton/lost along the way mashup] ►Character : [ Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova]
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Miley Cyrus | Marilyn Monroe
So i decided to make this video public, since i actually like it, But it's really random compared to my other videos. I wont be uploading video's like these anymore.. "If you can't handle my worst, You ain't getting my best".
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were bound to linger on
'We're bound to linger on' Dedicated to Becqy16 :) Amazing editor and such an inspiration. God, this song basically screams Ceffy. Perfectly orchestrates their beautiful disaster of a relationship. I have missed my otp, and season 7 is definetly not doing it for me. The idea of Cook with someone other than Effy makes me cringe, and vice-versa. Sorry for the shitty video, I just needed to vid them. Info Song: Lykke Li & Kleerup - Until we bleed Coloring: Me Fandom/Ship: Skins UK (Generation 2)/Cook/Effy
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You come through like a light
The title says it all really
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Klaus/Caroline | Poison/Wine
This video is dedicated to Tina. Since shes probably one of the best and biggest Klaroline shipper i have ever met. And her manips.. are perfect. Majority of the manips in this video are inspired by hers. Anyways, second time vidding to this song & i still love it. "Your hands can't heal, your hands can't bruise.." What fits this ship more than this song? like seriously, Caroline claims she has no feelings for him, but she always will. Also, i'd like to thank TheQueenSeptember for This beautiful Coloring (Heart) Without it, i don't think i would of been able to make this video.
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preview for my racism homework
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easier that way
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Hunger games | Help I'm Alive
Some of my clips are from Mainstaypro:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mUjssn86h4 !READ THIS!: FIRST ever hunger games video. Omg, i'm obsessed, I haven't even watched the movie, and i barely started reading the book and yet i am in love with it. I love the scene when Katniss says "I volunteer" that made me shiver. She's an amazing actress. And she's gorgeous. As you can see this video is inspired by Grable424. I tried to be as original, and different as i could, i didn't want it to be an exact remake like how some people make their inspired videos :'). Of course it isn't as good as hers. But yeah, it took me a couple hours, and i wasn't really focused as i was watching pearl Harbour AGAIN.. Second time. First my titanic video and now this xD. Please comment. Thank youu :) Coloring: Same coloring i used for my titanic video, Made by me.
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i crave the light that he brings
'I can fly, but i want his wings, I can shine even in the darkness, but i crave the light that he brings' - Pretty much sums up the whole Cook/Effy/Freddie love triangle. This video was highly inspired by sourcherry100's video of the trio to this song, which is way better than mine so you must WATCH IT NOW!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIJ5Kv6lM-8 Working on this video was probably one of my most hardest projects, my inspiration kept coming and going but nevertheless I still enjoyed it and really liked the way it tested my ability of creativity (does that even make sense?) It was a bit difficult for me to vid F/E but i have to admit, they had pretty good scenes in season 4, but i will always be a CE shipper, (ftw). Oh, and thank you so much for the 200+ subscribers, it means so much to me:)
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worked on this for like 2 hours.. its a bit shit.. sorry. HD?
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Skins | Everyone has an angel
an·gel/ˈānjəl/ Noun: 1.A spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a halo. 2.An attendant spirit, esp. a benevolent one. Voiceover: Sucker Punch [Movie] Soundtrack: [Unknown] Fandom: [Skins] | Generation 1&2
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i just want you to know who i am
Watch in HD [720p] otherwise the video will look like shit haha been a long time since i uploaded but, did i forget to mention that i got a new laptop and all my shit is now gone? poof. haha, any way, this movie is absolutely stunning! Nallie is too cute omfg. Btw, who watched Hollyoaks the other day!? Fuckkkkkk :( rip to everyone that died ! all info at the end of the video
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