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Who is Annatier?
those of you who watch me on DA have already seen the written version of this. but i decided to make this video for my reitannites on youtube that don't have a DA. WARNING: a majority of this video is very serious. even though annatier is a cartoon character meant to be a source of comedy, she is also an antagonist character and can make you sorta uncomfortable.
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Introduction to a New Face
this is where you find out who annatier is.
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STFMM -  Identification
the very first Sticky the Female Madman episode!! don't you just love her? she's such an idiot XD
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Annatier's Lullaby
i was actually getting ready for work when i started humming this tune, and was like, "hmm... creepy." and then i thought of some creepy words and i was like, "ooooh, looks like Annatier has a song!" embrace the creepiness! EMBRACE IT!!
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"Annatier's Lullaby" Music Video
obviously i had to hide the eyes most of the time because i can't replicate the + in her right eye.
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"Upbringing" Music Video
this song was written during a breakdown. it brings up a lot of bad memories, but despite that, it is absolutely one of my favorite songs that i've done, and is definitely one of the best. i've had this idea in my head for a long time. the video isn't supposed to be this amazing epic thing. i spent most of my life in my bedroom, so it was only fitting that the video took place inside a bedroom. i am also playing the role of a child to show the illusion of an adult trapped inside her childhood. btw, i know i look in a lot of emotional pain for the video, but i wasn't really that upset. i played it up to how i feel deep down when i think about it, but i don't have breakdowns that often anymore. i think this song actually helps cope with it, because i finally got it out through music. i've actually told my story through this song, which is really all i wanted to do. still, one of the best songs i've ever written and recorded.
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PWF Fanart Contest Winners
WOOOO!!! thanks to all who entered! sorry this video is so long, but there were a lot of entries! okay, so i have work from 2 to 10 ALL this week, so... getting stuff done? heh heh, not likely. if this video uploads after i leave for work, i'll have to message the winners when i get home and stuff. good work, again, i luvs ya!
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you don't understand.... i HAD to do it.... UPDATE: dude, i know all three of them are me, but you can almost see three different personalities coming off of each one. they could totally become characters. XD you guys should do this too. search "MMD Everybody" to see where i got it from.
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Reitanna Says #31 (Showing Old Art)
there are certain attributes in my old drawings that actually looked kinda good.
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Winter Wonderland Torture Cartoon
this is a true story.
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Koda Visits Walgreens
first cartoon with koda
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Reitanna Says #33 (Showing Old Art)
lot's of sonic fanart in this one
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Reitanna Says #30 (Showing Old Art)
i actually find all these morbid drawings quite humorous
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Reitanna Says #37 (Showing Old Art)
we're going all the way back to the age of "aelida."
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Reitanna Says #34 (Showing Old Art)
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Hatsune Miku 'Melt' Stopmotion
i'll be honest. i was gonna animate the entire song... but stopmotion is so time consuming and difficult, and i have work to do plus other projects, so i cheated and shortened the song... and added fillers. but hey, i think it's still cute. i was gonna have her hanging out with all my other dolls, but hey... laaaaazy. anyway, this was a lot of hard work, and i like it. i hope you do too, and if you don't, well... i don't really give a flying shih tzu.
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R.I.P. a Fellow Reitannite
an unfortunate event. please listen and take this video to heart.
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Reitanna Says #29 (Showing Old Art)
these are technically in 9 parts. be amazed at the way i used to draw.
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Reitanna Says #32 (Showing Old Art)
oh my god... my "cursed" manga comic...
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Reitanna Says #36 (Showing Old Art)
i'm eating a peach.
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Three Losers, One Room
once again, a get together with justin while watching a WWE pay per view. it was mike's idea to do these videos, and he wants them long XD believe it or not, this video WAS 1 hour and 30 minutes. i'm extremely behind schedule on PWF because of editing this video. that AND some dipshits on DA, but that's not important. so, enjoy a random threesome everyone. yup. THREESOME.
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Rei and Sempai Play SCP CB Reitannified
showing sempai my mod :3
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Cameos and References Revealed in "Playing with Fire" So Far
"Playing with Fire" - Ch. 1 - Rain pg. 1: http://www.reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=48#/d4x1lvy
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Reitanna Says #44
because there was no weekly video. o_O
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Recital 2007
i didn't even know i had this. this was when i first wrote "blue rose," which i later (at age 18) added harmonies and changed lyrics sorta. this was in 2007... so i think i was 15 or 16. i think i was 16 judging by my hair and the fact that sempai was there. if you see me smiling at someone, i was smiling at sempai, who was smiling at me for encouragement. i was VERY shy back then... notice my lack of expression while singing? also, my voice cracks on "defying gravity," but MAN i could do it way better now. i haven't tried, but i'm sure i could because of my expanded vocal range. so now you guys have officially met past reitanna in the flesh. the heavily scarred flesh. XD
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Cameos and References Revealed in "Playing with Fire" So Far 3
haven't done one in awhile
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Best of SCP Containment Breach
the best moments i could find, compiled up in one huge SCP salad. enjoy your nutricious appetizer! SUBSCRIBE!!!
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Scream and Run Away from Slender Man
one day i was listening to the gothic archies, and i figured "scream and run away" could very well pertain to slender man. so i wrote a parody. i did not compose the instrumental. this is who did: http://soundcloud.com/fikretkhalilov/scream-and-run-away original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB4G5hzDqeE
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This is How I Write a Comic
specifically "playing with fire." WARNING: "playing with fire" is my ZADR comic. if you do not like ZADR, you should not watch the video. if you do, and i get ANY immature comments, i will block you, delete your comment, and you will live with the fact that you don't know how to take advice... or READ for that matter.
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SCP Containment Breach - REITANNIFIED! part 1
this took a really long time. i'm also working on v6.1, but i'm having some issues. but for this version, i fixed many things. download this mod: http://www.4shared.com/rar/SYmZwG6x/SCP_-_Containment_Breach_v05_-.html
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Cameos and References Revealed in "Playing with Fire" So Far 2
"Playing with Fire" - Ch. 1 - Rain pg. 1: http://www.reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=48#/d4x1lvy
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Reitanna Says #35 (Showing Old Art)
it's hamtaro time! woo! HAMTARO! when we work together, it's much better. MY BEST FRIEND!!
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Time Warp Cartoon
meet 16 year old reitanna
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SCP Containment Breach - Halloween Special part 2
i know this is being uploaded the day after halloween, but it was done for halloween. that's why i posted that video saying these would be late. more parts to come. be patient.
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Gone Back to School! Slender Elementary
school is in session, but the only students attending are pedro (that's you!), keith, big phil, and the one and only slender man! teddy bears, exploding light bulbs, and go-go-gadget extendo arms... what more could you want?
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"Don't Do Crack" in a Nutshell
if you missed last week's video, here it is in a nutshell. for those of you who HAVE seen it, these are just highlights. XD
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Playing with Fire Q&A
WARNING: playing with fire is a ZADR comic. sorry guys, it's like an hour long. but it's pretty funny. i had 32 questions from you, the fans. i have answered them. i have answered them with great power. and i look like my cartoon character in this video. XD
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You Lost Jesus!??
this week's video everyone! it's not quite as over the top as last week, but still, there's some stoof in there. FEEL GREATFUL!!! link to my t-shirt shop (which is also on my channel): http://reitannaseishin.spreadshirt.com/
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Mad World Cover
mad world, gary jules' version.
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Ellie- Another Room Part 1: Bad Ending
sorry, this is the only way to record the screen on my phone. 'not as bad as it could be.
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Wow, I Make Funny Faces...
most of the time, i'll make really interesting faces when i'm doing videos. i won't realize it until after i see them while editing. usually when this happens, i'll point them out by zooming into them or making them repeat a bunch of times. a couple are done on purpose, but i never really know how ridiculous the face is until i go back and watch it. for instance, then slow pan in with depressing music on a sad face is done purposefully, but again, how it actually looks is a surprise to me!
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Divel - Divel Gets a Bath
this one is one of my favorites
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since i need to increase the dosage of my meds, i was feeling down, so i made this animation. but of course, with every depressing animation with annatier in it needs a happy surprise at the end...
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Can I Have a Cupcake?
simple cartoon using many stock characters, including Gee Gee, who was the first place winner in my fanart contest.
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Slender Mansion!
well well well! reitanna goes in alone! and discovers some stuff that we could figure out with NYT. NYT and Reitanna play slender mansion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttDzu6YFUyw&list=FL-yjYAzIyAOJX3KcdkHDmlg&index=1&feature=plpp_video NYT's gonna be pissed when she finds out i figured out the whole key situation.
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Eye of the Tiger Cover
my cover of eye of the tiger. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq90PUCVdjI&list=FL-yjYAzIyAOJX3KcdkHDmlg&index=60&feature=plpp_video
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SCP-173 is My Best Friend
my bestest friend in the whole wide world. you know you're jelly. XD
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Ellie- Another Room Part 2: Good Ending
here's the good ending, and a look at "murder room."
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Let's Do Some HOSPICE!!
goin down to hospice, gonna have myself a time... anyway, yesh. i practically rage quitted on this one. not as bad as elementary, that video will be up shortly.
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