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this song is just as pretty as "love in a nutshell," but equally as dark. it's actually about my past, which is sorta a sensitive subject. i write about what i feel, and it's only been 7 years since this happened, but it happened for 14 years of my life. it's still gonna take time. there are many positive things that came out of it though. i wouldn't be where i am today.
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12 Days of Reitanna's Christmas
this was the christmas special for 2010
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Blue Rose
this song is about a relationship that would seem abnormal to others. the backround vocals are provided by sempai
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Mother's Day Special!
i always get kind of miffed on mother's day. it was worse back then
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REITANNA!!! Comic #1
here is a video presentation of my VERY first comic featuring my cartoonified self. i will more than likely do more. i hope you like it!
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No I in Threesome - Pullip MV
pullip stopmotion
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Who is Reitanna Seishin?
here's a informative video about who i am. this is for both the new and the old viewers. feel honored! you know, if i really tried, the animation would've been... more animated XD. but this was thrown together in 6 hours, and i was tired. i got up at 6 this morning to go to work, and then i came home, watched Dragonball GT, and made this. XD yeeeeeeeey love it! LOVE IT ALL!!!
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i was 18. still hate drugs.
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a random animation
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"The Closet" Bloopers
okay, so i was recording an audiobook for my story "the closet" and... well... there were some great mess ups. here are the best ones.
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Best of 2010... kind of
go back to 2010
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Bad Morning and First Timer's Pullip
done when i was 18. any you see in this room are made when i was either 17 or 18. i.e, they're old.
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Rant; Does Everyone Like You part 1
made when i was 19
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Invader Zim Quotes of DOOM!
done when i was 18. most of these quotes were by heart, but a couple of them i had to read
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This is How I Animate
ever wonder how i do my animations? it's probably not what you'd expect. here is a little bit of what i'm currently working on. BTW: like i said in the video, i had already done a video of this, but my audio and video couldn't merge for some reason... and then guess what. after i did this video, it merges! i didn't even need fuckin audacity!!!! LAME.
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Drawing Bubbles (PPG)
IF YOU SEE THIS UPLOADED ON ANOTHER CHANNEL, TELL ME AND REPORT THEM!! i draw my favorite powerpuff girl, then show you the other two, and finally a fan drawing bubbles: http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/art/Bubbles-Wallpaper-268893395 blossom: http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/art/Blossom-Wallpaper-268893241 buttercup: http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/art/Buttercup-Wallpaper-268893548 fan drawing: http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/art/PPG-Forms-Meme-268370952 song: Fly Me to the Moon (Climax Mix) - Bayonetta OST
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How to Make a GOOD Pullip Stop Motion
a lot of stopmotions i've seen on youtube are... bad. XD
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My Poltergeist, Mazam
i thought i had a poltergeist because weird stuff was going on, and we had been playing with a ouija board, where she introduced herself. turns out, someone who is no longer my friend was moving the cursor to make me think such a thing. oh well, it makes for a good story. consider this video make believe.
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Koda Vs. Reitanna Lip Sync War!
okay, let's try uploading this again, shall we?
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At the End of the Checkered Hallway
a mostly a capella song about being lost in your own mind and trying to find out who you are
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Mediocre, Random, Simple 3D Animation
made these when i was sixteen
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Pullip Stopmotion Experiment
i think this was my first one
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Devil May Cry vs. Bayonetta
i made this video before i knew they were created by the same people. it's fun to compare though
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Happy Halloween from Hatsune Miku!
halloween 2011
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2010's First Video Request; LONG ASS REQUEST part 1
i was 19. shmoo is no longer in the picture. this was back when i did video requests. this was done on january 12
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this is about your significant other breaking up with you, but not telling you they did, just left you hanging. you have a broken heart, but you get over it.
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Sucks to be You
this is about that one douchebag in your life that just freakin backstabbed you and everyone else you know, and even people you don't. they are the person that's caused you many hardships, lied to you, made you feel like crap... and then finally everyone sees them for who they are, and the best revenge is loss of friends due to your own fault.
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Pregnant with a Monster
this is about stupid teenage girls who decide to get pregnant
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Human Flesh Tastes Like Pomegranate
this song is about fake friends, but finding that one real one
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Cheer Up Thomas! Plus, What is a BJD
videos that you see like this are from when i was 19
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Immitation Harajuku Makeup Tutorial
loved my hair in this video
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Request about Music and Song Hunt
i love this video purely because of my reaction to bowling for soup
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Donavan Tasting Devil's Blood
apparently you have to sign a waver to buy this very hot hot sauce
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"Domination" Bloopers
WARNING: this is a YAOI fan fiction! if you are strongly against yaoi, then please do not listen. there's not really anything that bad mentioned in the bloopers... but i find it funny that there are more in this story than "the closet," seeing as how "the closet" was longer.
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Zombie Attacks, Michael Jackson's Death, and Stereotypes
my. hair. looks. HORRIBLE when it's long.
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Journey to Yaoi-Con part 1
my first convention
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If Gummy Bears Could Talk
i think i was 17
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Devil May Cry 3 Parody Trailer
trailer for DMC3 dub
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Love in a Nutshell
perhaps the most beautiful song i've ever written. it's about the cycle of relationships: infatuation, breaking up, distraught, and finding someone new
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best of 2008
go back to 2008
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Reitanna Says #7
you're doing it wrong.
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Koda's Last Video Ever EVER
it's funny that i have to upload this first because new watchers won't know who he is until i get to uploading his old videos
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Reitanna Says #1
so i finally found a solution, and here it is! the music video mentioned here has already been uploaded
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Koda's Rant on Bullying
this is koda. watch is last video ever to find out where he went
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