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black girl speaks russian / chahailus
Often people ask me why I speak Russian, where I'm from and how I learned. Others don't believe American people can learn it so here's the proof........
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3 ошибки которые русские изучающие английского делают
I am an American girl learning to speak Russian and would like to help Russian speakers learn English. I help this helps and good luck!
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How I learned Russian. Learn any language using these methods.
These are a few things that helped me along my journey of learning how to speak Russian. Hopefully these methods will help you on yours...
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Chahailus - Russian speaking truck driver fitness chick
It's been awhile since I've put out a video especially in Russian. In this video I explain that I am a truck driver and spend a lot of time on the road which resulted in my weight gain. I am sharing with everyone that by finding a local job, working out, and following a strict vegetarian borderline vegan diet I was able to lose 40lbs.
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female trucker KaZhun Chahailus raps about life before trucking
I am a long haul trucker looking to start my career in music, modeling and reality television. This is my second year on the road and I am enjoying it very much. I am asking for as much feedback as possible regarding the music. Friend me on facebook at facebook.com/chahailus and share with me your comments as well as your videos and talents. Giving and receiving support is what has gotten me where I am today. Thank you!
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Black Russian rap русский рэп
I was born and raised in the United States. I have been speaking Russian for 8 years now. I learned by books, internet, and socializing. This is the first song I ever attempted to write in Russian about two years ago. It expresses my first experience being on stage and my dream to be a rapper. I was inspired to rap by St1m and Serega.
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lady trucker chahailus kw girl raps about truck
I wrote this song in memory of favorite truck I drove for the past 2 years.
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Motivación para aprender idiomas
This is my first attempt at recording a video in Spanish. In this video I explain my dream of becoming a polyglot, my current difficulties with verb tenses, and a request for as many examples as possible for using the tenses in the past. I hope this video motivates other language learners. Don't be discouraged! With languages, it feels like everything just clicks one day. The day will come, I promise😊
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Как научиться говорить быстрее на иностранном языке
I'm just an American girl with hopes of becoming a polyglot. I am teaching myself Russian and Spanish at the moment.
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Fusion Belly Dance to Britney Spears "radar"
I'm currently trying out various styles of belly dance to all genres of music. Britney Spears always gets me in the mood to play a stage character. I am not attending dance classes yet, just exploring on my own.
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What do vegans eat? My plantbased diet
This video is a slideshow of some of the various meals I prepared. Unfortunately, there are no recipes. I just go into the kitchen and create something new everytime.
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