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Less Than More Than – Goldsmiths Zine Society Open Mic
From Winter 2016 ———— I mourn, people Before they have left. I kick myself in the leg Before there’s even a reason to bruise it. I love, people Even when the salivating trolls in My head say that I’m better than that That you’re better than that. When I was seven I asked my mum, why all the songs on the radio about love And she said that’s life. I cannot imagine the waterfall of thoughts that fell from her chest that morning. And I’m mourning people Whose eyes were glazed by the night. And they’ve walked left my room but their body’s still there. And I ask it Do you want breakfast mate? And it says no. Do you want to bathe with me babe? And it says no. And the body’s still there but they’ve left it And left I’m wondering Why all the songs on the radio are about love.
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My America | Taylor McGraa
A new poem called 'My America' twitter.com/taylormcgraa
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